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High-level mentor Jacqui Sive takes off the IG filters for a second and gets real. Are you where you want to be in life? If not, why? Once you’ve taken responsibility, follow these steps to create 2021 goals that actually stick…

2020 was a bust for so many people.

I know that literally hundreds of people in my community have experienced hardship in one way or another, but I can count a thousand times as many who are ready and raring to take 2021 by the balls… so to speak.

Working with hundreds of clients this year to help them navigate what the F 2020 was, I noticed a common theme; for many, it was the year of the reset. A year where many of us were given the opportunity (forced or by choice) to reflect on what we really want and what we’re really here for, as opposed to what we’ve just always done (yeah, you-who-took-that-job-just-outta-university-because-grandpa-told-you-to).

With less than a few weeks left of 2020, those of us on the more naturally ambitious side are turning toward the future, armed with the belief that no matter what happened this year, we still have what it takes to build the life of our dreams… Covid or not.

When it comes to actually achieving your goals next year, there is one foundational truth that we need to lay down before we go any further here. Experiencing the life you dream of doesn’t start with cute affirmations or shiny vision boards – it actually starts with deep internal honesty. Cringe, I know. You have got to take radical responsibility for yourself, your outcomes, your results and your overall life. When things don’t go your way, do you blame other people/the world/your circumstances? Or, do you look at the situation and say, ‘How can I learn from this?’ 

For example, when it comes to achieving your goals – there’s a reason why you haven’t smashed them already, and it is super important to be honest about it. Maybe you have a goal to finally quit your soul-sucking job and create your own business doing what you love… But you haven’t handed in your resignation, even though you’ve been dreaming about this for months.

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Feeling called out? That’s okay…

The reason why things aren’t moving (no matter how much you wish they were), is because you’re not actually doing anything. You’re stuck in the dream phase, without taking any action to bring it into real life. So, when it comes to following the steps below to creating next-level goals that you actually follow through with, make sure you’ve first identified the reason why you haven’t achieved them yet. Is it because you’re scared? Or do you have a limiting belief that says you’re not good enough? Or maybe, you’re so worried what other people will think, that you spend more time living your life to please others than you do to please yourself.

Once you’ve taken radical responsibility, and taken ownership of the reasons why you’re not where you want to be yet, follow these steps to help you create 2021 goals that stick.


Saying, ‘I want to start my own business’ is lazy (I say that with love). It’s a get out of jail free card, because that doesn’t really mean anything. Your goals need to be clear, so that they have a precise and defined outline you can gauge your progress upon. Try, “By February 2021, I have made my first R10 000 in my business.” This gives you so much more to go on!

Bulletproof your BELIEF system.

In order to actually do the things that’ll bring your goals into reality, you’ve got to have beliefs that support you. Whenever you do anything outside of your comfort zone, it’s likely that you’re going to have to negotiate with the negative voice in your head as to whether you can actually accomplish said task. That is why it’s super important to have a foundation of beliefs that support you, like, “I am brilliant at what I do!” to lean on in challenging times (because as a seasoned multiple six-figure CEO, I can tell you.. There will be plenty).

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Surround yourself with people who are THERE.

An unconventional tip, but an epically powerful one, is to make sure that there are people in your life showing you the proof of the hard work, hustle and potential sacrifices you’re making all paying off. That way, when you’re deciding whether to binge on Netflix or build your website for two hours, you’ll be far more motivated to do what it takes, than if you were just surrounding yourself with homies happy to stagnate. 

Commit to a weekly CHECK IN.

Maybe it’s a Monday morning, maybe it’s a Sunday arvo – hell, maybe it’s even around a glass of vino with your fellow boss-babe girlfriends – but create space once a week where you tap back into that radical responsibility and look at where you are in relation to where you want to be. Doing it weekly allows you to adjust what you need to without feeling too overwhelmed. 

Celebrate EVERY win.

As ambitious and driven women who want to be, do and have it all, many of us are focused on the ‘next thing’ that we hit the fast forward button when we actually achieve something we’ve been working so hard for. However, this kind of ‘what’s next’ attitude breeds deep levels of unfulfilment, as it coaches us to continuously be looking to the future, instead of allowing ourselves to be excited AF about the present. When you allow yourself to get excited about the small wins or the accomplishments along the journey, the entire process becomes far more enjoyable and fulfilling.

When you have a clear goal at the forefront of your mind with beliefs that support it, real-life (or online!) friends showing you that it is possible, regular radical responsibility check-ins and you’re celebrating every step along the way, you’re elevating your goal game to a whole new level.

I can’t wait to see you shine in 2021! Get it, boss babe.

Jacqui Sive is a global speaker, podcast host, transformational live event leader and high-level mentor here to help leaders expand into their greatest potential in life, business and beyond.

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