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Ace The Second Half Of 2020 With These Incredible Tips From A Self-Worth And Abundance Coach

While January might seem like it was just yesterday, the reality is that the half-year mark has long passed, and we’re way closer to the end of the year than the beginning. We’re hurtling towards the close of 2021! And it’s been a roller coaster ride – not the fun kind.

At this very moment, many people are feeling overwhelmed and filled with uncertainty, while others are finally getting into the swing of things. If you’re the former, self-worth and abundance coach Tam Hayward shares how you can secure yourself a positive outlook for the second half of 2021…

1/ Notice what you can control versus what is out of your control

Feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted often results from feeling like you’re out of control. Make a list of all the things you can control, as well as a list of all the things out of your control. You may be surprised to find you truly only have control over your thoughts, feelings and response to your world.

2/ Check your expectations

When your expectations of others are too high, you set yourself up for disappointment. “Check in with those you love to see if your expectations of them are too high. Have this honest conversation as you may be blinded to what they’re capable of offering you,” says Tam. The same goes for your personal expectations. Be honest about how much you expect of yourself during these uncertain times.

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3/ Honour your word

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than breaking promises to yourself. During uncertain times (oh hi whole of 2020 and 2021), you can create certainty in your life by honouring your word. When you do this, you build your self-esteem and build trust with yourself. When you are able to keep the smaller promises to yourself, it becomes easy to keep the big promises you make, says Tam.

Knowing that you can count on yourself right now is essential. Notice when you say yes to things when you actually mean to say no. Also, notice how often you say that you will attend to a task, then don’t follow through. Seeing things through right now will boost your self-esteem.

4/ Avoid negativity

This includes people, places and things that drain your energy. The global population is experiencing high levels of fear right now. Fear is contagious and detrimental to your physical and mental health. The more you can manage your stress through discerning what is good for your soul, the better off you are.

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5/ Know your numbers

With the uncertainty of the past two years, it’s vital that you get a grip on your finances to plan for unforeseen events. Start a simple daily habit of tracking your expenses. When you put effort into managing your money, you heal your relationship with money.

Avoiding your finances is like avoiding breathing. Money is the oxygen to your life so it’s important to take note of how much you’re getting in and how much you’re giving out.

6/ Turn inward

There’s a lot of “noise” in the world RN – hundreds of different opinions on current global events. It’s so important to connect to your truth when being bombarded with information.

What is important to you right now? What is true for you? Cultivating a deeper connection with yourself will serve you for decades to come. Contemplate the deeper questions about life. This is a time of reflection and turning inward.

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7/ Focus on what you want

You get more of what you focus on. Focusing on how terrible your boss is will bring you more experiences of how terrible your boss is. Focusing on finding joy in your life will bring you more joyful experiences. This concept is based on science and involves the part of the brain called the reticular activation system. Dedicate the next six months to focusing on positive, affirming goals and you will achieve them, says Tam.

8/ Be intentional

This is a little different to just focusing on what you want. When you bring intention into all that you do, you connect to the deeper purpose of taking action. Having heartfelt intentions keep you going when the going gets tough. Use your intentions as a guide to what you need to focus on.

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9/ Change your perspective

The end of a relationship or the start of a new relationship? The end of a job or the start of a new career? The way you experience the world is related to the way you view the world. And when you’re able to change your perspective on things, you empower yourself to choose the perspective that will best serve you. You don’t benefit from holding a perspective rooted in victimhood. You do benefit from holding a perspective rooted in choice, says Tam.

10/ Be open to learning

Now is the time to learn something new. The world as you know it will not be the same. Outdated paradigms and ways of thinking are being brought to awareness… For many people, this is a wake-up call, says Tam.

Rigidity in thinking is the root of stagnation. What is required of you is to expand your mind, learn about yourself, learn about others, and empower yourself to come to new, updated conclusions about how you fit into the world.

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