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Women (and men) around the globe are waking up. The goalposts are changing. As is the goal. Think: The body positivity movement. Created to empower and shed light on plus size men and women in an initiative to accept all body shapes, sizes and capabilities, this social movement challenges unrealistic societal standards and expectations of “normal” bodies to present a more inclusive view of physical bodies.

This is a moment in the rewriting of history. A moment where humanity has softened in what it deems “lovable”. A moment of rising up against exclusion. A moment where people around the world are advocating for social and self-acceptance and being seen as enough just as they are.

So… it’s so much more than what it seems at face value. Depending on who you ask, body positivity can also mean:

  • Appreciating your body in spite of perceived flaws.
  • Feeling confident about your body.
  • Loving yourself.
  • Accepting your body’s shape and size.
  • Most importantly, it’s about #DoingItForMe.

One of the major goals of body positivity is to address some of the ways body image influences mental health and wellbeing. Having a healthy body image plays a role in how people feel about their appearance and even how they judge their self-worth. Every single person deserves to be loved and accepted for exactly who they are, no matter their shape, size, creed, race or sexual identity. 

Go Hustle expert and self-worth and abundance coach Tam Hayward weighs in on why loving yourself for all that you are, and embracing body positivity as a key part of that, may be the best thing you do in 2021.

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1/ Your inner peace and freedom depend on it

It’s about time you dropped the struggle and inner battle with yourself. Why? Because you deserve to. No amount of criticism and self-loathing will get you to feel better about yourself. In fact, the opposite is true.

When you love and accept yourself for who you are, you access parts of yourself previously unknown to you. Maybe you discover a new passion for pole dancing, public speaking, weight lifting, modelling, or blogging? Maybe you discover a new talent or strength you previously cut yourself off from expressing.

“By giving yourself permission to do the things you love, regardless of what you look like, you get to live a full existence. To live a life of inner peace and freedom comes with the decision that you are worthy of showing up and doing the things that you truly love to do,” says Tam.

2/ You raise the standard and teach others what is possible

Are you a mother? Wife? Daughter? Sister? Girlfriend? Friend? Aunt? Partner? Niece? Chances are you embody at least one of these roles on a day-to-day basis. And if you do, you have a duty to improve the narrative of what it means to be worthy. We are always in communication with the people and world around us regarding what we believe we deserve and what we believe it means to be worthy.

When you accept and love yourself as you are, says Tam, you teach those around you how to do the same. “You may not even be aware of how your actions are impacting the people around you,” she says. One thing is certain: When you give yourself permission to be lovable, worthy and acceptable just as you are, you teach others how to treat you and you teach others what is possible for them. One goal… multiple positive outcomes.

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3/You are your own limitations

You are the only person who has the power to limit you. This is an empowered approach to living because the minute you assume the world around you can dictate what you can or cannot do, you’ve bought into a lack belief system. 

“History is filled with examples of men and women who have defied the norms. Societal norms and prejudices are meant to be challenged. It is your birthright to be, do and have anything you want, however, if you are going to wait until a society, a culture or even a loved one tells you it is okay to do something, you’re going to be waiting a long time,” says Tam.

Adopt a mindset of being worthy of trying everything at least once. You are wildly worthy of everything you desire (just as you are). Stand back 2021 – because we’ve got a whole lot of empowered women (and men) taking a stand for and rightfully claiming all that they deserve. The result? A more inclusive, kind, loving and empowered humanity breaking free from outdated societal norms and self-imposed limitations.


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