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3 PR Tips For The Entrepreneur That Can’t Afford A Publicist

Hey fempreneurs we get it, there are so many hidden costs that seem to arise while you’re trying to establish your own brand. And yes, hiring a publicist is a worthwhile investment but if you can’t quite afford one just yet, here are three ways you can pitch yourself…

Identify the story being told

Before you even put fingers to keyboard, make sure that you have identified exactly what you’ll be sharing with the journalist/publication that you’re reaching out to. Remember, reporters are on the hunt for stories that are interesting, engaging and relevant to their audience.

Top tip: Good pitches tell stories over trying to sell a product or service. (That comes later!)

Ask yourself: Who would resonate with this story?

Consider who would relate to this story about yourself or your business. What does this audience look like? Is she a CEO in her mid-forties or is she a natural hair influencer? What platforms does she look to for her news? Figure that out and then pitch your story to those publications.

Tell your story clearly, concisely and confidently

These are the three C’s you need to be concerned about. It’s easy to let our stories get away from us but be sure to find a way to convey your passion in a clear, concise and confident manner. Reporters receive a billion emails a day, make sure your pitch gets to the point and explains what value you can offer them.

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