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Whether you’re permanently working from home or you’re burning a few extra hours once you leave the office, creating an efficient (& beautiful) space to work from is super important. While the wrong atmosphere can be distracting, the right one can stir the creative juices can keep you focused.

Here are a few tips for creating a success-inducing space:

Start with Ergonomics

First, think about what your workspace actually requires from you. Do you need lots of room? A meeting space? Lots of storage? It’s important that your space works for you so take some time to figure out your needs.

Accommodate Clutter

In a perfect world, everything we’d ever need to store would be filed on the Cloud. But IRL we have papers, sticky notes, dog-eared notebooks and a million other things that seem to gather. Repurpose old furniture to create custom storage units. Alternatively, things like woven baskets, old bins, and ceramic bowls can function as both storage pieces and personalized decor features.

Light Up Your Life

Bad lighting is the first thing to make us feel sleepy and drained. Table lamps are great for fixing this problem and can also bring a warmer glow to your space. They can also provide a beautiful statement piece to a simple desk. 

Sit Smart

It’s no secret that sitting all day is really bad for us but when deadlines hit, it can’t always be avoided. Get rid of any uncomfy chairs that cause you to slouch. If there’s one thing we’d recommend spending a little extra on, it’s your throne! 


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