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Affirmations For Businesswomen

Why are affirmations so powerful? Because the way in which we communicate with ourselves can make or break us. Just think about some of our negative self-talk patterns – we say things like, “I can’t do this”, “I’m incapable,” etc. (And we do this before we even try!) The result: We don’t try. Because we’ve just played ourselves.

But by using affirmations, or positive self-talk, you can train your mind to see the world differently and believe in the possibilities of what you can achieve.

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Words truly do impact our minds, and freelance digital marketer and content creator Dhanusha Dhoorgalu is a firm believer in the power of manifestation. A procrastinator by nature, affirmations help her to achieve small tasks on a daily basis. “[Affirmations have] allowed me to build the life I desired. [Through them] the right people have come into my life,” she says.

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She shares her top five affirmations to help you get the week off to a great start…

1/ I am skilled enough to carry out this new business venture. 

2/ I can ask for help as a business owner. 

3/ I will not know everything and that’s okay as I will do my best to learn. 

4/ My success in business depends on my mindset. 

5/ I am allowed to fail and get back up again. 

What words of affirmations will you speak into existence this week? We wish you all of the best! Now… go hustle.

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