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Have you heard? There’s a new professional development platform called Get SACE in SA. And it’s helping teachers hop on board and understand the SACE (South African Council for Educators) process and CPTD (Continual Professional Teacher Development).

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Here’s what you need to know

MD Paige Davidson says: “We understand the continuous battle with SACE (a council run by government that all teachers have to register with), so we endeavour to make it a seamless and positive process for teachers and schools. In addition to this, we assist schools with all things professional development.” Yup – Get SACE creates professional development plans for schools to ensure staff have access to the best opportunities possible. 

Professional development and clearance checks… sorted

Get SACE focuses on professional development and clearance checks. This is based on two things. A) The need for professional development in teachers. B) All the hype in the press about children coming forward about teachers turning their worlds upside down and the trauma they’ve faced. “We do checks on teachers against the Child Protection/Sexual Offenders Register and if they have a criminal record,” says Paige.

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Here’s how Get SACE can help you:

  • COVID-19 has been a lot. Especially for teachers. That’s because South African schools and teachers have had to rely heavily on digital tools since the outbreak. Yup – the pandemic has clearly highlighted the need for accessible and cost-effective further development opportunities. The recently launched Get SACE CPTD, an information and service hub, was created to meet this need. And the best part? It’s free to teachers and schools.
  • Get SACE CPTD bridges the gap between professional development providers and teachers and schools.
  • Many SA teachers don’t have easy, affordable access to the full extent of the activities they can complete to earn CPTD points, many of which are available online. Luckily, the Get SACE CPTD online platform provides a simple solution to this problem.
  • Get SACE CPTD serves as a comprehensive directory of professional development providers, offering a calendar of events, and a hub of resources to educators.
  • Teachers who are looking to earn CPTD points, as set out by SACE, can use the site to browse and enrol in activities from anywhere, at any time.

Check it out!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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