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Now that you have your work routine sorted, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about getting back into fitness? These at-home workouts and nifty three-week plan make it a breeze.

By now you probably have the whole work-from-home thing down. You’ve settled into a routine, mastered the art of the Zoom meeting and there’s a dining-room chair perfectly moulded to your designer tracksuit-clad derriere. Rocking it, gurl! Now, howzit going on the fitness front? If your answer is awkward silence, no judgement. This is 2022 – we take the wins one at a time. So in the interest of hacking our fitness, we asked Wanita Nicol, an online personal trainer with Sudor and owner of The Fit Nerd, for some at-home workouts.

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Ease into it: Week 1

“If you’ve taken longer than two weeks off exercise, you’re almost certainly going to have lost some strength and fitness,” says Wanita. “The good news is that muscle memory is real! So the general rule is for every two weeks off, it’ll take just one week to get back into the swing of things.” Still, you don’t want to be in a position where you push too hard too fast and get injured. Start your at-home workout regimen with more basic, low-impact moves for the first week and build from there.

Wanita’s Low Impact At-Home Workout

Do this workout twice in your first week, on non-consecutive days. On three days of that week, try to go for a long walk.

Build your core strength: Week 2

If you’re working from home, you’re probably spending more time sitting than you ever have before. Do you make an effort to sit up straight, engage your abs and keep your shoulders back at all times? Ja, us neither. “When we spend hours sitting – and I’m as guilty as anyone else! – we tend to lose our core connection,” says Wanita. “Our breathing is shallow, our tummy muscles are relaxed and our bums are just sitting there, literally, doing nothing. Building a strong core will help you in every aspect of your life, from sitting to standing to moving.” And yes, there’s an at-home workout solution for that.

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Paper Plate Home Workout

This at-home workout requires stability, which makes your core work extra hard. If you don’t suffer with any lower back, shoulder or wrist pain, grab a couple paper plates and start adding it to your routine once a week from week two. You can swap it for one of the walks.

Use a timer to increase intensity: Week 3

It’s so tough to motivate yourself to push hard in an at-home workout when there’s no one to keep tabs on you. “My trick is to work with a timer,” says Wanita. “So I have set work intervals and rest intervals. During my work intervals, I compete with myself, trying to do as many reps as I can with good form and I try to beat or at least match my score each round.”

Burn Off The Binge Workout

You don’t need any equipment for this at-home workout, but it will make you sweat! By week three, you’re probably starting to get back into the swing of things with exercise. Swap one of your low-impact workouts for this one. So you’re now doing three different workouts and two long walks. Then, in week four, try turning one of those walks into a jog.

If you enjoyed these at-home workouts, Wanita has more home workouts on the Sudor app. Just pick her as your trainer when you sign up and you’ll get access to all of them on your phone. Use the promo code Wanita20 for a 20% discount when you sign up.

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