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Working from home may seem like the dream, but for many of us it’s not exactly ideal in reality. Wait a minute, hear us out… Between balancing long working hours and overseeing the kids’ online classes, it can be difficult to keep it all together.

Devan Moonsamy, CEO of ICHAF Training Institute, a South African TVET College, shares his tips on how to make it a lot easier.

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How to beat the WFH blues: 6 practical tips

1/ Start by planning your day as you would if you were going to the office.

“This means laying out the uniforms the night before, preparing the kids’ lunch and meal prep,” says Devan. “The trick is to presume a normal work day, despite it being from home. Continuing with your routine prevents you from being overwhelmed and will help make the day go smoothly.”

2/ Prioritise your work tasks: start with the most important, and move down the list.

“This way you can attend to the important aspects first before dealing with the anxiety of not being able to meet deadlines,” he says.

3/ Work is work. No matter how difficult the situation, always remain professional.

“If your child is throwing a tantrum in the room next door, then ensure you inform the meeting attendees. If you are hosting, take a five-minute break to step out and help your child,” he says.

4/ It’s important to be open with your manager.

“If you can’t manage the tasks because of the responsibilities at home, ask for flexibility in terms of your working times,” explains Devan.

5/ Have a conversation with your partner.

“They can also assist you at home when you’re working and they aren’t,” says Devan.

6/ Make arrangements to work from the office.

“If working from home is overwhelming, try to get more days at the office,” he says. Explain your reasons for requesting extra office time. Maybe your internet connection is the pits, for example. “Working from home may not be the dream for everyone and it often results in frustration if you find you’re crippled by technical difficulties.”

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Important note: If you’re unable to cope or feel overwhelmed, speak to a therapist. Take up an activity that will help calm your mind, such as yoga, reading or running. This can also help you to revaluate the way you manage your tasks and help you to address the challenges of balancing work and home life. 

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