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While any kind of exercise is a good idea, different types of workouts will get you different results. If you have fat-burning goals, these workouts are where it’s at.

At Virgin Active…

1/ Kick

Duration: 60 minutes Level: Beginner

Based on martial arts, the class features a lot of kicking, punching and hopping up and down. There’s a lot of repetition so there’s plenty of time to learn the movements, which also aren’t too complex. You can go at your own pace, but the fun movements will make you want to work harder, upping the fat-burning potential. Yasss!

2/ The Grid

Duration: 30 minutes Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Classes are based on primal functional movement patterns (pulling, pushing, twisting, hingeing, lunging and squatting). You have a short amount of time to do as many repetitions of an exercise as you can before moving on to the next one. When you’ve done all exercises, you repeat the circuit from the beginning. Because the exercises are based on natural movements, beginners should pick them up fairly easily. Spend the first round just getting used to the movements, then pick up the pace to increase the fat-burning results in the next rounds.


3/  Rumble

Duration: 45 minutes Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The fat-burning benefits of boxing are well known, so you know this boxing-based class is where it’s at for your goals. You need a base level of fitness to make it through 45 minutes of punching a bag, skipping, core work and “Rumble” intervals (whatever surprises your trainer feels like throwing in that day). If three minutes of skipping as “rest” sounds doable to you, you can look forward to an intense, but fun workout. Great for stress relief.

4/ H.E.A.T.

Duration: 30 minutes Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This high-energy athletic class has you alternating between functional strength exercises on the floor and running on a Skillmill – a self-powered treadmill. You’ll do different movements on the floor in every round, so you’ll need an existing grasp of good form for different common exercises because there isn’t much time to learn on the fly. When you hit the Skillmill, you could be running backwards, forwards or sideways and working harder than on a regular treadmill. If you can handle it, this class is fat-burning gold.

At Planet Fitness…

5/ Power Box

Duration: 60 minutes Level: Beginner to Intermediate

It’s based on boxing and martial arts, so there’ll be plenty of kicking and jabbing, along with fat-burning cardio drills. The movements start simple and build as the class goes on, so beginners will have time to get used to them before they get too complex.

6/ Pump Xtreme

Duration: 60 minutes Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Explosive movements are a fast track to fat-burning and this workout is based on them. You’ll do a mix of body-weight movements and exercises with a barbell, so you need some familiarity with weight training – barbells can be clumsy things.

7/ Fit X

Duration: 30 Minutes Level: Intermediate to Advanced

You’ll need a base level of fitness for this class, which is designed to take cardio to the next level. Expect functional exercises with lots of explosive movements to spike your heart rate and really rev up the fat-burning.

Functional movements and equipment are great for torching fat and building lean muscle.
Functional movements and equipment are great for torching fat and building lean muscle.

At Any Gym…

8/ Spinning

Duration: 45-60 minutes Level: Beginner to Advanced

It’s a golden oldie, but the emphasis is on golden. The combination of sprint training and hill climbs you do in a spinning class can do wonders for fat-burning, but don’t be afraid to push yourself. The cool thing about spinning is that you can go at your own pace, but that can also be the downside. It’s only 60 minutes of your day – give it horns and reap the benefits.

9/ Boot Camp

Duration 30-45 minutes Level: Beginner to Intermediate

The exercises you’ll do in a typical boot-camp class are functional, creative and fun. Often they’ll incorporate games, like dividing into pairs and chasing your partner around the studio or seeing how many push-ups you can do while your partner holds a plank. The result is that you end up working harder because your focus shifts to achieving something, rather than just getting through the exercise. And working harder equals more fat-burning. Double score!

10/ Zumba

Duration 45-60 minutes Level: Beginner

Zumba may not be what springs to mind when you’re looking for a fat-burning class, but you’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn dancing around a studio. It’s low-impact and totally scaleable so you can do it even if you’re not very fit or uncoordinated. The best part is you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even feel how hard you’re working. Until the next day, that is.

At Home…

Not ready to go back to gym yet? Switch up your home workouts to make them more effective. Research shows that high-intensity intervals are most successful for fat-burning. That means working close to your max effort, dropping your heart rate, then going all out again. And repeating that pattern for twenty minutes to half an hour. Try this celeb lockdown workout to boss your home gym!

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