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PR is super-valuable. Unlike advertising, publicity is generated for free, which makes editorial content more credible than a paid-for ad. MD and Communications Strategist Marisa Logan of The Stream SA and The Stream Source shares her valuable insight with Go Hustle… (Psst: Keep reading right until the end to find out how you can win an online course!)

Here, the simple steps you can take to seriously accelerate your brand.

1/ Improve your digital aesthetics

Before you even think about attracting new visitors to your website or social media pages, ensure your online platforms and channels are not only appealing to your target market, but also offer value.

“There are many competitive brands fighting for consumers’ attention, so first impressions really do count. Don’t overthink it, though – you can tweak and improve your website and social media channels as your business evolves,” says Marisa.

Get the basics right: a website or landing page and social media accounts that highlight your USP (unique selling proposition), contact details and valuable content that will encourage consumer interest and, even better, engagement. PS: It’s not necessary to be on all social media channels. Rather focus on one or two accounts where you know your target market is active.

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2/ Create your brand’s press kit

Once you’re happy with your digital platforms and you feel that they best represent your brand, then you’re ready to attract some attention and generate brand awareness! “Your press kit refers to all the content, resources and brand info that you can [give] media, brands and publishers, with the aim of generating publicity. You don’t need to include a whole bunch of assets and you don’t need to be a brilliant writer,” says Marisa.

If writing is not your forte, outsource your press release to a freelancer. Make sure it brings to life your brand story, everything you have to offer, plus any new announcements or brand developments.

Lastly, every press kit should have quality images. You can include professional images of your products/service offering and of yourself and your team – that is, if you’re open to sharing a little behind-the-scenes stuff. Media and consumers love relatable material and seeing who the creators, entrepreneurs and masterminds behind the brands are.

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3) Play around with different angles

Before you start approaching journalists and other media platforms, it’s super important to take the time to identify the angles that will make your brand relevant and enticing for those publications – what makes your brand worthy of being featured?

Here are three simple ways to do that:

1/ Use social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to search for brands and industry articles that are aligned with yours. See what they’re doing and adapt those strategies to suit your brand.

2/ Sign up for international newsletters from brands that are relevant to your business and see what articles and headlines they share in their comms.

3) Use Google and other search engines to see what the most popular topics and trends are in your industry.

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We’ve teamed up with Communications Specialist Marisa Logan to offer one ambitious Go Hustle boss babe an Accelerate Brand Awareness Online Course Membership!

Enter 2021 prepared to scale your business and learn valuable insights from Marisa’s 13 years’ experience in digital marketing, PR and social media – receiving the PR tools, techniques and ‘done-for-you’ templates that will teach you how to generate brand exposure, build credibility and grow your online clientele!

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The prize is valued at R3 750.

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