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Jobs Of The Future

Today is very different from your grandparents’ generation – the job market is constantly shifting, and the changes are coming faster and faster. And post-Covid? Economic recovery will be driven in the technology sector, according to the World Economic Forum. Lyn Mansour, founder and CEO of KLM Empowered, an Integrated Skills Development Solutions Provider and Project Management Conglomerate, says there’s a dire need for SA businesses and citizens to ramp up on AI acumen.

“We’re living in the age of AI, robotics and smart machines. More human tasks are being automated, fundamentally shifting the way we work and changing the skills being sought by organisations. What’s more, the skills and jobs we’ll require tomorrow are largely unknown to us today, raising a considerable talent challenge at a time when we’re already dealing with so much,” says Lyn.  

GH takes a closer look at the 20 job titles that will be in high demand over the next five years.

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AI is not intended to fully replace humans in the workforce

AI will be a universally accessible tool to augment human abilities. As AI becomes more integrated into the workplace, says Lyn, the onus is on business leaders to embrace the necessary skills development efforts to help their people and organisations prepare for AI and welcome the opportunities it will create. 

Identify the jobs of the future 

“While technology develops to allow methodical tasks to become automated, new jobs will be created, bringing about a large-scale reclassification and rebalancing of work,” says Lyn. And South African companies can’t afford to wake up after the fact – the key to increased productivity is to prepare for these ‘new’ job titles that are about to break through. According to the World Economic Forum, the following 20 job titles will see an increasing demand over the next five years:

  1. Data Analysts and Scientists
  2. AI and Machine Learning Specialists
  3. Big Data Specialists
  4. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists
  5. Process Automation Specialists
  6. Business Development Professionals
  7. Digital Transformation Specialists
  8. Information Security Specialists
  9. Software and Application Developers
  10. Internet of Things Specialists
  11. Project Managers
  12. Business Services and Administration Managers
  13. Database and Network Professionals
  14. Robotics Engineers
  15. Strategic Advisors
  16. Management and Organisation Analysts
  17. FinTech Engineers
  18. Mechanics and Machinery Repairers
  19. Organisational Development Specialists
  20. Risk Management Specialists

Now is the time to develop future-fit skills 

“South Africa has been battling an increasing skills shortage for the last decade. With more and more skilled workers leaving the country, there is an opportunity for young people to take ownership of closing the gap, as well as for people established in their careers to upskill and pivot towards where they are most needed,” says Lyn.

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AI continues to open up new business and employment opportunities

“We are therefore now looking to ‘H.E.A.T’ as a well-rounded multidisciplinary approach: Humanities, Engineering, Arts and Technology as the future of business,” says Lyn. She says the future of business needs a population of creative, emotionally intelligent digital natives who are all leaders in their own right.

The future of education is all about learner-centred experiential learning…

Blended learning is a combination of online learning, theoretical learning from facilitators and industry experts, real-life work experience and engaged discussion. “Focusing on skills that nurture creativity, innovation and leadership as well as the development of technology and software superpowers are now the cornerstone to all businesses. The new normal that we are all facing demands a new level of leadership, innovation and agility. We have a choice to make — ride out the storm or catch the wave,” says Lyn.

Photo by Bradley Hook from Pexels

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