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Our international girl boss crush is Ally Love, celebrity host of the Brooklyn Nets, Peloton instructor and adidas global ambassador. Ally’s passion lies in empowering young women from all over the world through her growing initiative Love Squad. Here, she shares her motivation and vision for this platform.

So, what exactly is Love Squad?

The Love Squad tagline is: “Empowering you through conversations that educate, motivate and inspire.” The platform is all about teaching and engaging young women and building a sense of community. The aim? “I want Love Squad to become global,” says Love.

At the moment, the squad hosts monthly meet-ups, or panel events, bringing together women who want to enhance their personal and/or professional lives. Ally and her team host events in New York City, but Love hopes to take these events across the US and to the world (we’re right here Ally!) with the help of sponsors.

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The value of getting in touch with your body

Super-athletic Ally is a cycling instructor by profession and teaches around six classes a week. “We do live classes and broadcast globally through the Peloton App,” says Love. “Peloton is great because it affords you time, especially if you have other things to do, like if you’re a mom,” she says.

Since fitness is such a big part of her life, Ally realises the value of getting in touch with your body. Before a Love Squad session, she likes to kick things off with some physical exercise. She enjoys yoga and walking on her recovery days, and “on my rest days I do absolutely nothing.”

How Ally tackles stumbling blocks

Ally acknowledges that some of the stumbling blocks we face are where we’re “least strong”. But to tackle them, she’s learned the importance of understanding your mission. “Understanding that building a business does not always have to be perfect,” says Ally.

She’s also learnt to ask for help when she needs it and “built a circle of trust, with women, that I can ask questions and get advice.” This is core to the women empowerment drive that Love Squad wants to enact on a global scale.

Another way she’s learned to cope is through outsourcing. She views this as an opportunity for investing in one’s business as well. As fellow hustlers and boss babes, we won’t always have the opportunity to take up and perfect new skills like code, for example. And so, Ally understands the value of bringing in experts to assist her in her business. The decision to outsource certain skills and activities also plays back into the idea of community building.

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This is Ally’s main mission

“Whether you want to learn how to build a brand or how to be a better mom… I want to be able to affect the younger generation of founders, entrepreneurs and women in versatile careers, providing real exposure and real advice,” she explains.

Her mission is to provide valuable advice, “to get people talking”, as the first step towards global change. “Love Squad promotes diversity and inclusions and changing lives through access to information,” says Ally. In her own words: “I believe that conversation is the catalyst of change.”

Her work focuses not only on speaking to panelists but seeks to open up hard-hitting conversations to the audience: “Whether it’s through Facebook Live, Instagram or in real time at our events, stopping every 10 minutes to hear questions.” A multifaceted woman, she’s using her platform as a global brand ambassador and sports show host to call us to action.

How she’s building her brand

Ally has built a brand that includes apparel, so participants benefit from a strong sense of community. “They will be rocking their Love Squad branded apparel for strength and confidence, while listening and engaging in real time,” explains Ally. “[Participants will be] rocking Love Squad apparel, being examples for their kids [and] family, creating a network of other women…” This is a clear reflection of Love Squad’s essence – creating that sense of community through conversation.

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Ally’s mantra for 2020

Being #goals herself, Ally is affirmative and self-determined. “I am a boss and I am proud to be so! I establish the tone. I want to set the standard.” She is one helluva force and is not here to entertain negativity. “I want to empower through positivity,” she says.

In the spirit of setting the tone, Love says 2020 is about pure hard work. “In 2020, no free samples! I need to be willing to work hard,” she says. “Hustle is not a hashtag or trend, and I’m willing to hustle.”

Although Ally doesn’t live by a particular mantra, she says: “In 2020, I’m borrowing from Lil Wayne here, but y’all better count me in. And if you count me out, it just means you can’t count!”

Words of wisdom

To all the young hustlers out there, no matter your trade, Love Squad encourages you to establish and understand your brand. “Know how to build your business through the people around you,” suggests Ally. “Always look for mentors,” she continues. “Starting with your friends group, a literal Love Squad to love on you and encourage you.”

Ally reminds her audience to always ‘boss up’. Say what? “Bossing up means knowing that nothing is for free, and that you need to work for it!”

In summary:
● Branding – understanding who you are and where you want to be.
● Building – get a mentor and build relationships with those around you.
● Boss up – always be willing to work hard for what you want.

“When you’re building your career, ‘no’ is just the beginning of a conversation,” she says. So, in a nutshell, a collaborative work approach can help women in the world of work reach their goals more efficiently. Nothing great can ever be achieved by standing and working alone, and that’s what we’ve chosen to take away from listening to Ally.

If you wish to get more intel on the Love Squad, you can follow @allymisslove and @lovesquad on Instagram.

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