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“You know those days where you’re not sure if you’re going to workout straight after breakfast or if you’re only going to get around to a sunset Promenade run? – That’s the inspo for Burnt Studios.” says Co-Founder Andriana Botes.

“For those days where you want to feel fashionable and like you made an effort but that you’re ready for your workout whenever you have the time in your busy day.”

“My boyfriend and I started Burnt together to create something that I (and girls like me) would want to wear throughout the whole day and feel damn good in it. Something different. Edgy. Fashionable. But most of all, comfortable. – Our slogan is ‘Always ready for action. Always on fire,’ which I think pretty much sums it up. After all, we all want to look cute while we hustle, right?” she says. (We see what you did there Andriana ?)

This 25-year-old girl boss describes creating Burnt Studios as an “amazing experience.” – “I feel so empowered with all the knowledge that I have gained in so many different aspects. I know what fabric combinations are high quality, how to set up an online store, how to do taxes, and what women value in their activewear.”

Her biggest lessons? – “the value of attention to detail and of taking constructive criticism without getting a little mad”. “There’s nothing that can prepare you for starting your own business… but it is the most rewarding thing on earth,” says Andriana. “You will work harder than ever and learn more than you could imagine. Really, I know this sounds cliché but you build a business through trial and error. There’s no one that tells you that you’re doing the right (or the wrong) thing. You just have to trust yourself and your partner and go for it with everything that you’ve got.” “And, although it’s scary, it’s amazing to work for yourself!”

Check out @burnt.studios for luxe leggings in the most flattering shapes and colours! Psst their new collection launched TODAY!

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