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Anthea Scholtz is the director of “destination specialist” company Tové Experience. Her second profession, which also keeps her busy, is DJing. This professional DJ has played in and around South Africa, largely house music, techno and deep house. She chats to Go Hustle writer Ondela Mlandu about how she does it all.

On having a dual career…

Tové specialises in creating unique experiences for locals and internationals in the Cape Town space that go beyond a cable car. “Our service is of a turnkey nature; we can create a holiday and business trip to Cape Town from A-Z; whatever it is the client needs, we can deliver, ” she says.

The company has two arms. One is a travel-based solution for people visiting Cape Town, or locals wanting to experience something different. The other arm focuses on specialised eventing: birthdays, engagement events, venue launches and product launches. Although Anthea has a very analytical mind, she also has a creative side. “Having this work as a sideline allows me the space to be creative,” she says.


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Called to create!

And Anthea really is passionate about creating. “Whether it’s an experience, music, writing or an event – anything that allows me to create something from nothing really gets me excited. There are few things that fulfil me more than thinking ‘I made that’ or ‘we made that’ – especially when it benefits or gives joy to others,” she says.

Being able to stand back for five minutes at an event to look at what her team has done makes Anthea happy. “Being able to see so much planning materialising and being executed is beautiful,” she adds.

Getting into the tourism and events industry…

If you’re keen to get into the industry, Anthea rates internships. Tourism and eventing is about relationships, and people in the industry are always looking for interns. You score by being on the ground and gaining experience. “Developing those relationships with various people in the city can take a lot of time,” she says. “[Allowing] someone with more experience to show the ropes and [allowing] the space for a new learner to delve into this industry is pretty priceless,” she says.

Anthea has an economics degree, which has served its purpose on a number of occasions, even though what she does is seemingly miles apart from the finance sector. “Having a financial background goes a long way,” she says.

For the eventing side of things, Anthea did do a short course with GetSmarter, an online education company with online short courses that connects people with the world’s leading universities. Through the course, Anthea learnt some of the more technical aspects of event management, but most of what she learnt came through being on the ground and working really hard.


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The Tové team would like to put the faces behind the name. First off, we introduce Tové’s Founder and Director, Anthea – the lady who loves all things that entail the ultimate experience of both Cape Town and Ibiza. • Anthea has an extensive background in the Entertainment and Music Industry, with Client Care, Hospitality, Event Management and Brand Management being her key elements of expertise. She has developed a very keen interest in and strong understanding of the level of the service that is required when traveling abroad after having travelled extensively during a decade-long career in the music industry. Through a large network that has allowed Anthea to evolve the business in the most optimal way, she is able to provide a Concierge offering with major emphasis on unparalleled client service. • With a soft and genuine approach, Anthea will happily assist with whatever is needed to create the ultimate experience while in Cape Town or Ibiza. • #concierge #capetown #travel #experience #wanderlust #southafrica #bosslady #travelgram #visitcapetown #TovéExperience #Tové #Ibiza #visit

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A “conversation” with your 21-year-old self

If Anthea could go back in time, this is what she would say to her 21-year-old self:

1/ Stop doubting your ability.

2/ Arrive, every day. Work hard, every day.

3/ Don’t take nonsense and speak up!

4/ Always be open to learning.

Harnessing our skills as women

Being a woman with a degree and a lot of experience has in many ways been one of her greatest career assets. “When I was in corporate, I found being a woman was a slight hindrance in terms of salary and opportunity. Being an entrepreneur, you really have the ability to carve out your own path, but with that being said, we still have a long way to go,” she says.

As women, she believes we’re trying so hard to have equality… “[But] we don’t need women to be like men, we need women to be like women. And contrary to what some may think, female attributes in the work space are an asset. Harness that,” she says.


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Meetings for @toveexperience ❤️

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Books for your collection…

Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – for present moment living.

Untethered Soul by Michael Singer – for mindfulness.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo – for inspiration.

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K by Mark Manson – to stop giving a f**k.

Exercise and eating well

Exercise and eating well are important to Anthea. “I try to meditate as often as possible. Sometimes, I trick myself into thinking I’m too impatient to meditate, then I tell myself that’s exactly why I need to,” she says. Anthea also enjoys a good sesh at the spa.


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What an amazing place to spend the weekend. Thank you @7koppies for your beauty. Feeling so rested and happy!

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Connect with Anthea…

Anthea is on Instagram: @antheascholtz

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