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Ash Iovino is a mother of three and the creator of FitMom, a personal training business that specialises in women’s health and fitness.

Ash started out as a mobile personal trainer (toting all her equipment in the boot!) in 2015, but she’s come a long way since then. These days she employs a trainer, and runs a subscriber-based online workout platform.

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She’s guided hundreds of women, in all phases of life, as they’ve powered their way through their unique fitness journeys. And the future is looking even rosier – in September she’ll be launching The FitMom App, so she gets to motivate and train women all over the world!

Here, Ash tells Go Hustle writer Ondela Mlandu about her personal journey, and shares solid-gold tips about getting into and succeeding in the fitness industry…


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YOUR TWO KEYS TO HEALTH & FITNESS SUCCESS ?? I get up and train most days. Whether it’s a run, a HIIT workout or a chilled yoga sesh. I try to take a rest day once a week, & I even find that hard. But I know it’s what my body needs. _ I know this is not the norm & that most people struggle to find the motivation to keep at it. Exercise is often viewed as a chore – something you HAVE to do, as opposed to WANT to do. _ So, how do you make it a sustainable, enjoyable part of your life? Something that is factored into every single day, like an important meeting with yourself. How do you make it a priority so that it can benefit you in EVERY area of your life, because the knock-on effect of being fit & healthy, is endless. _ I think the FIRST key is to find exercise that you actually ENJOY. Something, that when not done, feels like it’s missing from your day. HIIT isn’t for everyone. Neither is running. My nightmare would be to be woken every morning at 5am to cycle up the mountain. I wouldn’t last a day! But tell me to grab my takkies & I’d be the first one there. What’s right for Karen, isn’t necessarily right for you! _ Have an honest conversation with yourself. What form of “movement” brings out the best in you and your body? The hour that leaves you feeling high on endorphins and gives your mind a break from the chaos & stress of everyday life? Once you can pinpoint what that form of movement is, you’re already half way there! _ I think the SECOND key is to find your own personal (long-term) WHY. You’re going to have to dig a little deeper here. This is for the days when you literally don’t think you have it in you to get off the couch, never mind into your active wear. WHY is it important to you to be fit & healthy? HOW are you being rewarded by it? WHAT do you ultimately want to achieve long-term? _ Easier said than done, but once you crack these two keys, you’ll be on your way ? _ Oh, and stay hydrated ? @hydroflaskza

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The best way to get into the fitness industry…

The first step is to study personal training through an accredited institution. Ash got her certificate through the Health and Fitness Professionals Association (HFPA). “I then specialised in pre- and postnatal fitness so I could safely train pregnant women or new moms,” she says.

The next step? Find a trainer who inspires you and ask them to become your mentor or coach. You’ll need to “job shadow” them for a certain number of hours to complete the course. This time is super-valuable: you’ll learn about the industry, how to interact with clients and what it truly means to be a personal trainer.

“Do your research in terms of the various institutions that offer a PT certificate and make sure you choose a course that is internationally recognised,” Ash advises.

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You don’t have to stop at being a trainer…

“It is easy to become ‘stuck’ just training clients in a gym, feeling like there are no other growth opportunities,” says Ash, “but if you get creative, put yourself out there and work hard, you can definitely elevate yourself (and your brand) well beyond the realm of just being a trainer.”

But you’ve got to have passion…

“I honestly believe that in this industry, if you don’t have the passion, you’ll burn out. You have to love it with every ounce of yourself – that’s what makes you get up at 5am to train yourself; it’s what fuels your Instagram account inspiration…

“I literally call FitMom my fourth child. It’s a true, authentic expression of me and what I love, and no challenge is too big for me not to take it on and give it my best shot,” says Ash.

Life advice worth remembering…

1/ Back yourself.

“I’ve spent far too many years worrying about what other people think of me, doubting myself or not believing I could do it. I even studied an honours degree in finance at university – something that completely bores me! I did it because I was too scared to go after what I truly loved. Exercise, health and fitness have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I wish I’d got into the industry earlier – and ultimately started changing lives sooner.”

2/ Never become complacent.

“Always be hungry for knowledge. You can never know everything and there’s always room to learn and grow. If you don’t know how to do something, find a way, or find someone who can help you.”

3/ Just put yourself out there.

“Fortune favours the brave!”


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Connect with Ash

Find Ash on Instagram @ash_fitmom and Facebook @fitmomSA. You can also email her: [email protected]

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