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Cara-Ann Potgieter started online furniture and décor boutique Palmy Living with her husband in 2018. The self-confessed entrepreneur is mad about interior spaces and beautiful design, so starting this business was a real passion project. And it suits her down to the ground – because Cara-Ann loves to grow businesses in order to create employment opportunities, and to surround myself with inspiring people. She tells Go Hustle about the journey…


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It’s all about creating opportunities for yourself

Cara-Ann is passionate about mentoring young people – and she believes that any skill can be learned. Her advice for young graduates? “Keep knocking on doors, apply even if there isn’t a job listed, and wherever you go, be open to learn and grow in any area of the business. You never know where your career might take you,” she says. It happened for her: “I needed a career change and wanted to do something more meaningful, so we started Palmy Living.”


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On juggling motherhood and a career…

It’s difficult enough for women in most industries… So how does that affect you if you want to be a mother and a career woman? “I’m a big advocate for a flexible work environment so women can thrive both professionally and personally,” explains Cara-Ann.

“I started my career in marketing,” she continues, “and have more than 10 years marketing management experience. It’s a tough industry, but I learned so much and today I can apply the expertise to my own businesses.”

One of the standout challenges was having to balance work and life while being a new mother. “I felt so completely torn. But I also [gave myself grace] to let go, be present and allow things to happen at a different pace,” says Cara-Ann.

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Birth of kids = rebirth of creativity

“With kids, came a rebirth of my creativity, and I knew I had to embrace it,” says Cara-Ann. “So, I ended up resigning from my job and starting Palmy Living. I knew I had to get to know myself in this new ‘season’ and flow with the creativity that came with it.”

Stand up for what you believe in, but give others the space to be themselves

“Sometimes you’re going to take the blow for someone else. And that’s okay – it’s better to be a team player than to be right. You live in a time where you are given the opportunity to create and live fully. We’re here reaping the rewards of those who came before us. Be grateful, be proud, and know that you are strong in your femininity,” she says.


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Connect with Cara-Ann

Connect with Cara-Ann on LinkedIn or via Palmy Living Instagram: @palmyliving. You can also reach out directly via email: [email protected]

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