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Dr Karabo Tlale is a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist who’s been practicing for 12 years. Which is amazing in itself. But the reason we’re super-intrigued is because she’s recently ventured into skincare, manufacturing her own range: Sensual You – a 100% natural, mainly plant-based product.

Dr Karabo Tlale is passionate about taking care of women, especially pregnant women, and helping to bring babies into this world. So why on earth did she venture into the skincare industry? Ondela Mlandu finds out…


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We strive for beauty and balance, the sensual over the sentimental – Janet Fitch. #SensualYou #BirthdayMonth

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But first, what exactly does it take to get into medicine?

Medicine is still one of the most challenging careers, and it takes time – to specialise in medicine, you need to do general medicine first, explains Dr Tlale. “Hard work and passion are the key tools for making it. Sacrifices made lead to less time spent with family, so one has to be patient.” Those long working hours are no joke.

It’s not easy… as a woman, or a young person starting out. A lot of work has gone into convincing the world that women are strong and ready to face challenges in the profession. “Young age can [also] be a challenge, since most of the old patients can be doubtful when in the hands of a young doctor,” she says.

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So, what made this doctor turn her attention to skincare?

“With age, I realised my skin needed more attention since it would get dry and had already started showing signs of ageing, like decreased elasticity and tone. I’d have to try different moisturising creams, especially in winter,” says Dr Tlale.

She approached a manufacturing company and proposed creating a formula that would be suitable for dry skin, but include anti-ageing properties too. “This venture [provides] an opportunity to have something else to focus on – especially when due to retire or stop practising medicine,” she says.


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I just want to share my trade secrets with you ☺️ @sensualyou_ #SensualYou #BodyScrub #Skin #SkinCare

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“Sensual You”: the brand, explained

Sensual You is a 100% natural plant-based product. The range is made up of a body cream, firming gel, body scrub and body butter, and the ingredients sound heavenly: capsicum, plus active and collagen-stimulating factors that are plant-based. Think avocado oil, mineral oil, seed oil and cupana seed extract, among other components.

“I launched my Sensual You skincare range, which I’ve worked hard to perfect, because I love to see my skin and body looking young,” explains Dr Tlale. While mostly targeted at women, the range is unisex.

Plus, this good doc is all about empowering the youth

Dr Tlale founded Planned Adulthood and the Confident Teen in 2018. “In my practice, I see many young women who need information on their wellbeing,” she says. “I see a significant number of teenagers who are not familiar with their body transitioning into adulthood. [So] I create special talks with them to empower them on how to deal with the changes their bodies go through.”

Her future plans? To grow her brand and put effort into empowering society at large by running workshops at schools and in communities to assist in raising confident women.

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Leadership lessons worth learning

1/ “The best secret has been to stay focused and inspired.”

2/ “Studying was continuous for me and knowing exactly what I wanted to do and be were key.”

3/ “Helping women to solve their problems and making them understand their bodies brings me gratitude.”

4/ “Equipping yourself with creativity, commitment and inspiration are the best tools for being a good leader and entrepreneur.”

5/ The winning formula? “A clear sense of direction combined with confidence is a necessity. [Top] this with risk-taking ability and self-discipline.”

How Dr Tlale practises self-care

“I put a lot of energy into my natural look, especially my skin, weight and overall appearance. Watching what I eat and exercising make life interesting and drinking lots of water is a priority,” she explains. “Above all, brain stimulation plays a big role in my functioning and self-preservation – [I do this] by reading, thinking, engaging with other people. This is the key to longevity.”

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