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Dr Nomphelo Gantsho is a dermatologist in private practice in Century City, Cape Town, who also runs an online store, Dermis Boutique, selling dermatologically approved skincare products. But she’s so much more than that. Dr Gantsho is particularly passionate about educating people on skincare so they can prevent irreversible damage.

Psst: We’re super excited to share the news that Dr Gantsho will be one of the guest speakers at Woolworths x Modern Beauty’s virtual chat, The Clean Beauty Conversation, this Thursday 3 June at 6:30pm.

An amazing derm, Dr Gantsho is able to brilliantly break down skin concerns into language that speaks to every woman. Down-to-earth and personable, she’s someone the Modern Beauty team turn to when they need expert opinions on all things skin. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this…

Best part? It’s free! Secure your spot now. Register here.

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Dr Gantsho’s world, and how to gain access to it…

Keen to get into dermatology? It’s a specialised field of medicine, so you’d need to study medicine first to qualify as a doctor, then specialise in dermatology. You’re looking at an additional four years specialising solely on skin conditions.

“Being a black dermatologist, you always have to prove that you have a qualification and you know what you’re talking about,” says Dr Gantsho. There’s also a misconception that doctors are still only men, so men are always the first port of call, she explains. But Dr Ganstho believes firmly in proving yourself by simply being good at what you do. She spends time explaining things and really listening to her patients. This helps to gain their trust, so they, in turn, can go out and spread the word.

At 21, Dr Gantsho had two degrees. This is what drove her back then…

1/ “Have a vision, a drive and be disciplined in life – without those, you are doomed.”

2/ “Believe in yourself; tell yourself you can do it on your own.”

3/ “To succeed, surround yourself with people who think like you. Grow your wealth while you are young – there can never be a better time.”

Connect with Dr Gantsho

Want to get in touch? Find Dr Gantsho @capeskindoctor across all social media platforms, or pop her an email at [email protected]

Join Dr Gantsho this week…

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the beauty trend the whole world is talking about? Clean beauty is a major global topic, but what does it mean; what ingredients should we be looking out for; how do we work it into our skincare routine?

Featuring beauty insiders Tee Xaba, The Cape Skin Doctor Dr Gantsho herself (yay!), Woolworths’ Meagan Africa and the Modern Beauty team, The Clean Beauty Conversation should be on your Thursday night entertainment list.

In this free virtual event we will unpack all the trends, information, products and ingredients you need to know – as well as talk, try and test some of our winter skincare favourites, like masks, serums and ultra-nourishing creams. Register now to secure your spot.

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