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Fix Moeti is a radio DJ and television presenter, but her ‘Go Hustle’ is a social enterprise called The Fix Scholarship. The registered NPC and one-woman-run show has been in existence for seven years. Fix is passionate about women-run businesses, equality, the arts, learning inside and outside the classroom, mental and physical wellness and creating positive change.

She tells Go Hustle writer Ondela Mlandu how The Fix Scholarship is providing life-changing educational opportunities for women  social entrepreneurs.

Entering the entertainment world…

Everyone has a different tale about how they entered the entertainment industry. “I auditioned to be an MTV Base VJ while I was a film and media student at the University of Cape Town,” says Fix. She went on to become the first female MTV Base VJ in Africa, which led her to radio (5FM), deejaying, emcee work, voice-over artistry and just being an all-round businesswoman. “One audition changed my life, so I definitely think young females should take the risks and opportunities to see where they lead,” she adds.

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To get into the radio, TV and entertainment space, Fix recommends learning it all. “Understand production, network, create relationships but also be kind to everyone who is part of the production and be prepared to work long hours. There are plentiful internships and opportunities online, but it’s about standing out and finding the content you love to do that others can relate to,” she says.

Platforms and channels that can empower you

“From a broadcasting perspective, there is YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram [TV] and Podcasts, just to name a few. You don’t need a radio station or a television channel to produce good content,” says Fix.

Overcoming imposter syndrome

“I started in the entertainment industry at 19 years old; it was really a ‘man’s world’ and my imposter syndrome [feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success] grew into this ugly monster,” she says. Fix admits she attracted the wrong people and lost herself. “It may sound cliché, but doubt is the biggest killer of our dreams and every woman in South Africa needs to know that they are worthy to sit at the head of the table,” she says.


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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…

“Women know how to make lemonade from lemons; we learn that from an early age, not at a business school,” says Fix. She says women should have the courage to start something from an idea, or take up that role they’ve been eyeing out for years. “No one will ever tell you that you’re ready. You need to jump into the deep end and find out for yourself. [Like] having a child, timing is never perfect,” she adds.

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Even with over 10 years of radio and TV experience, Fix believes gender equality in her industry is still a problem. “There are more male-run shows on daytime radio and drive-time shows, and it’s not because there are no talented female DJs – there are many of us. I applaud women like Redi Thlabi, Anele Mdoda and Thando Thabethe, who persevered. Men will say they are bitchy; I say they are simply ambitious and good at what they do,” she says.


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Dear 21-year-old self…

Failure – love it, own it, survive it.

A must-read book

“I’ve just finished reading Leap Frog – The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs by Nathalie Molina Niño. This book is a game changer for women entrepreneurs with the best business hacks for us ladies,” says Fix.

Beg kind to yourself

Fix is a yogi and fitness fanatic. “I practice hot flow (Vinyasa) and weight training/HIIT training twice a week. I also do transcendental meditation and a facial makes me smile. Most importantly, I say nice things to myself,” she says.

Connect with Fix

@FixMoeti and @FixScholarship across all platforms.

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