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Huenu Solsona owns an outdoor cinema called The Galileo Open Air Cinema. The cinema has been operating for the last eight years, with movies being screened from October to April each year. The movies are set against beautiful settings all across Cape Town and the Cape Winelands, with food and entertainment before each movie starts.

Heunu is also the former owner of Adventure Boot Camp – a women’s only outdoor exercise programme, that has expanded to more than 100 camps, reaching more than 50 000 women in the country.

The “own your own business” industry…

To be an entrepreneur, a useful thing is to get as much relevant experience as possible while you’re young. “Don’t waste time doing a job that won’t teach you anything. One piece of advice I often give young people is to offer their services free of charge at the company/job of their dreams,” she says. Huenu encourages women looking to own their own businesses to work a few weeks or even a few months for free – to get experience. “You might also get hired after your free stint, as they would have unofficially been interviewing you all this time. The worst case scenario is that you keep that experience as part of your CV. It’s worth a few weeks or months of no income if it’s really your dream job, isn’t it?” she says.

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Passion turned to projects

“I’m passionate about starting new businesses. The creative energy at the time of starting something new is amazing to me,” she says. She loves turning the ideas in her mind into reality. “I also love encouraging people to start their own businesses,” she says.

Leadership lessons

1/ Nothing is as hard as it seems.

2/ If you don’t know something, don’t be scared – just go and learn about it.

3/ You are capable of learning anything and capable of being and doing anything too.

4/ You’re smarter than almost anyone if you believe you are.

5/ Always remain humble!

Being a woman is not a disadvantage

“In my opinion, being a woman has never been a disadvantage; but then again, it’s just something that doesn’t enter my mind. I don’t focus on it. If anything, I think that being a woman probably has more advantages in business than men [have],” says Huenu.

Self-belief above everything!

Huenu says that believing in herself and her abilities has been the most crucial factor in her success. “If you don’t believe you can, then you won’t. If you believe you can, then you will,” she says. Huenu knows that she’s capable of almost anything now.

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A book every woman should read…

The people I admire who have helped me a lot as an entrepreneur – [those] who have online platforms (besides awesome books) – include Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Seth Godin and Stephen Covey. Every entrepreneur wannabe should read The E-Myth and Blue Oceans Strategies.

It’s simple as going for it!

“Follow Nike’s advice and just do it! Don’t wait for the perfect moment – it’ll never be there. If you want to do it, then do it. You will learn as you go and there’s no better teacher than experience. Believe in yourself!” she says.

Defining self-care…

Huenu sleeps, goes to yoga as much as possible and reads to feed her mind. “I also do ‘Mind Power’ from Robin Banks (also highly recommend),” she says.

Connect with Huenu

If you are motivated to learn and start your own business, email Huenu at [email protected].

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