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Katie Mohamed is the CEO of Brand Fusion, a successful marketing and communication agency. She’s passionate about being a voice of change and right now, she’s here to help you navigate a career path in this fast-paced space…

The best ways to get into the industry

Katie advises studying Marketing and Communications. “Do various courses on digital production,” she says. “Just understand all elements of creating content and learn. Sometimes this industry finds you. As with most industries, you have the feel it – it has to talk to you.”

Katie also suggests job shadowing people in various sectors within the industry to see what part of it appeals to you. You might study the degree or diploma, but be passionate about or particularly good at one or two specific pieces of the puzzle.

“There are many internships in this industry,” she says. “[Check out various organisations online] to see what’s out there and who is supporting [internship] programmes.”

Online platforms worth watching…

Katie’s advice? Join empowerment movements. Register and subscribe to business initiatives. There are so many platforms available. “You have to find what resonates with you,” she explains. “The National Mentorship Movement is an excellent space to start. They mobilise mentors and mentees who can unleash your potential. Once you register on that platform, it’s easy to get access…

“I also advise being on platforms like Biz Community,” she continues. “[They] enable you to see what internships are available in Africa and are sector-specific.”

Get this – marketing and communications is actually a female-driven industry

“You just need to connect with the right people who can guide you,” says Katie. “Most of the time it’s a relationship industry, so people will only work with people they know and trust. I believe networking and connecting is the most important way. And keep at it – you will have a whole bunch of people who say no, [but] the yes could change your life.”

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Overcoming challenges as a girl of colour…

“When I started out there were very few girls who looked like me; image and sexiness got you further. At that time, access to opportunities was very limited and staying motivated was a challenge,” says Katie.

Some days Katie would want to cry, wishing she was a trust fund kid, but she reminded herself that it was about getting a job. “So I prioritised what I needed at that time and what I ultimately wanted to do. I had to find ways that could work for me; [to] connect with good people, which was great for my corporate and social networks,” she says. Katie reached out to everyone she came into contact with. “I had to learn new skills so I could adapt, created a positive mindset and challenged myself to be more creative,” she adds. And it worked.

4 leadership lessons everyone can benefit from

1/ Don’t think you are the smartest person in the room.

“Learn your sense of purpose early on and always remember: don’t make hasty decisions.”

2/ Be authentic.

“Drive change and lead with intent and purpose.”

3/ Identify and understand exactly what you want to do.

“Be focused and have concrete goals. Don’t let impostor syndrome stop you, because this is what most of us feel. Most importantly, network with other women.”

4/ Never feel entitled. 

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How Katie practises self-care

“I ensure I rest, as this is my reset. Sleep is important to me. Eat well and healthily so my body can deal with any [negative] effects. I also learned to say no to others – it’s really is difficult sometimes, but I feel empowered and less anxious [when I do it],” she says.

Connect with Katie…

Instagram: katie_mohamed, Twitter: @kayteeBM, Facebook: Katie Mohamed

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