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Uber-talented Kirsten Gerber works for a creative production agency called Fell and Company in Sea Point, Cape Town, managing a small team of creatives and clients. As a biz, they focus on storytelling content – specifically, on developing and producing content with purpose.

Kirsten is passionate about people, and her role in the business really comes down to the happiness of her internal team, external partners and clients. She tells Go Hustle about her journey…


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We’re also super-excited about Kirsten’s virtual chat on Tuesday 25 May! As producer and client liaison for the Salomon WMN “Her Way” documentary and campaign, she’ll be part of the Salomon WMN Virtual Series: Meet The Women, The Brains And The Bravery Behind The athletes. Best part: it’s FREE! Register now and secure your seat. Chat starts at 6:30pm sharp. 


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Venturing into storytelling

Kirsten forged her way through the advertising space to get to where she is today. And, while the hustle is harder, the growth is quicker if you can handle the “all in” attitude. “The traditional term for my job would be client service, and the job is not gender-specific,” says Kirsten. “The storytelling space in film is heavily occupied by the male voice. Our recent film ‘Her Way’ gave a platform for female creatives and storytellers – which is important now more than ever.”

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Thee creative agency ladder is long, continues Kirsten, and the key is to join a team that values what women can bring to the table and celebrates them as equals. “For me, it was a confidence game,” she says. “I came from a creative degree into the world of ‘suits’ and it took me some time to find my voice in this space. Beyond that, I’ve been really lucky to work with some incredible people who have shaped and guided my career.”


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Leadership lessons to overcome challenges…

1/ “[Part of good leadership involves] identifying leadership traits that I would later know not to mimic.”

2/ “[The ability to] remain calm and clear-headed in any situation becomes a vital trait people look to in any team dynamic. Great leaders don’t always have the answer, but they create a place where the answers can be found.”

3/ “Don’t let your gender define or limit your career path. The sooner we as women change the narrative of us versus them, the closer we are to an equal playing field.”


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Connect with Kirsten

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@kirsten_gerber on Instagram

Don’t miss tonight’s virtual chat!

Catch Kirsten Gerber in conversation with our sisters over at Modern in the Salomon WMN Virtual Series: Meet The Women, The Brains, And The Bravery Behind The Athletes. Register now.

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