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Ledimo Seloyi is the owner of Untamed by Didi, a business that creates décor items, gifts and jewellery out of resin. She tells Go Hustle writer Ondela Mlandu about her journey – and the life lessons she’d teach her younger self.

The products Ledimo creates are one-of-a-kind…

You won’t find these beauties in the broader retail market. Yup – most of Ledimo’s products are made to order, with a few exceptions sold online. And she didn’t learn this stuff at school. “I’m a self-taught resin artist,” she says. So, how do you get into this kind of work? “Do research on resin art, network with other artists online and attend workshops to learn more about how [to master] the craft,” she says.

Anyone can get into the industry, says Ledimo. You don’t need formal qualifications. “There are many established resin artists on social media and YouTube who have set up platforms to share how they create their art pieces. There [are] also a lot of support groups on Facebook for people who are in the industry, sharing tips etc,” she says.

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The tough side of being an artist…

“There’s a lot of frustration that comes with not being able to sell the art you make,” says Ledimo, “especially for people who mainly do this to sell, not as a hobby.” Customers can be a problem, she says, as they tend to undervalue your products without considering how much time, resources and work goes into creating each piece. “That hinders most people from growing and [can leave them] wanting to give up pursuing this form of art,” she says.

So, what about start-up funds to get tools and resources to even start making resin art? “I used my savings to get started with my business and just recently won a competition by OLX to help small entrepreneurs with start-up funds. The grand prize money of R10 000  allowed me to expand my business.”

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Seven life lessons Ledimo wishes she could share with her younger self…

1/ Stay authentic and dream your dreams.

2/ Don’t [give in to] the pressure of trying to compete with your peers.

3/ Take time to choose your own path and run your race at your own pace.

4/ Don’t be afraid of failure, learn from all your mistakes and grow from there.

5/ Don’t give up on your dreams or ideas, no matter how small. Keep knocking on every door to get that much-needed funding to kick-start your dream.

6/ Don’t second guess yourself and let fear get in the way of achieving your dreams. Have clear goals of what you want to achieve and set milestones.

7/ Find a mentor who can help you to achieve success.

A must-read book for every woman…

“My absolute favourite is The Richest Man In Babylon by George S Clason. I wish I’d read it when I was younger and became financially savvy in my early twenties. By reading the book, I realised how important it is for one to be able to maintain a healthy financial standing and why having multiple streams of income is important,” says Ledimo.

Connect with Ledimo

“My Instagram handle is @untamedbydidi, and on Facebook just search Ledimo Didi Seloyi.”

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