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Leanne Dlamini is a girl boss of note: a singer/songwriter by profession with three albums under her belt. An entrepreneur, a social activist and a mother. “Four years ago, I founded a sisterhood movement called End Girl Hate, a platform where I could inspire and empower girls and women through my message of sisterhood,” explains Leanne to GoHustle’s writer Ondela Mlandu.

Do What’s Meaningful To Motivate You

Leanne was on a steady mission to change the world, one tweet and instagram post at a time. What started as a social media campaign with encouraging quotes posted by Leanne, has now turned into a movement, with a strong 28,4K following on both twitter and instagram.  It took on a life of its own with women everywhere wanting to spread the message that women can support one another and it now has a presence in Canada, as well as Botswana.

“The growth and self development of the women in the End Girl Hate community was something I really wanted to focus on and that led to my latest project, Life Designed By Her (LDH),”  explains Leanne. LDH is a company that focuses more on the self development and the well-being of the End Girl Hate girl or woman,” says Leanne. LDH hosts masterclasses, focusing on various topics, workshops and events.

And it didn’t just end there, her impressive side hustle took on another leg. Deciding to sell some merch. Leanne now owns an apparel company called Love & Light Apparel that sells t-shirts, mugs, notebooks and hoodies emblazoned with a positive message. “Proceeds from the merchandise goes towards various charity projects or to other organisations, as I strongly believe in giving back to others and my community.”

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Work Smarter – Not Harder

When asked if women in her industry experience a difficult time in terms of career growth. Leanne confirmed they in fact do. “Definitely! Both in music and in the entrepreneurship and women empowerment  space,” she says. Leanne admits that besides the red tape of business and financial struggles, women are often the reason why our growth is stunted, because we don’t support one another enough.

And when it comes to finding funding for a start up, Leanne has practical advice for sourcing finance. “Finding an investor or a sponsor is always a great idea. Having someone who believes in your vision and wants to see it come to fruition goes a long way. Many corporate companies have Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Social Investments. They are almost obliged to invest in some way. If you can approach as many corporate companies as possible and find the right fit for you, then great!” she says.

“Registering a company has become so easy, you can do it yourself online through CIPC Company Registration or go through your accountant. As long as you have all your paper work together, it’s super easy,” she says.

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Words To Grow On

 Girl boss business advice for your 21-year-old self?

“Find an investor or sponsor for your business, so you don’t go broke using your own money and work smarter!”

Things you can’t live without…

“My faith, family, music and being surrounded by fierce females!”

Words of advice for future girlboss…

“Collaboration over competition is important! You don’t always need to be the next big thing by yourself. Look at ways of partnering with others, so you can go further together,” advises Leanne. She advocates partnering with people who are strong in your weaknesses and not people who share the same strengths as you. “The struggle is so much harder, when you’re in it by yourself,” she adds.

Add this to your reading list…

“Soar by Bishop TD Jakes, gives great advice on how to make it in business and not lose your faith,” says Leanne.

How do you practice self-care?

Self care is necessary, not selfish. Leanne loves running. “Running is when I have meetings with myself,” she says. Leanne also takes baths to de-stress a couple times a week, while listening to an inspirational podcast.

Connect with girl boss Leanne @iamleanned @endgirlhate

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