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Lourette Du Toit, a dermal aesthetician specialising in skin and laser, runs a medical aesthetic practice in the heart of Sandton. Skin concerns they focus on include acne, pigmentation, rosacea, scars, tattoo removal, hair removal and anti-ageing. And it’s not a small team either… Think: laser specialists, somatologists, medical aesthetic doctors, a psychologist, physiotherapist, audiologist, speech therapist and a front of house team. Whoa.


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EDUCATED SKIN ? Our world changed ? I have always been very keen on adapting, changing, growing all for the better. These past 5 weeks in lockdown, I have been the busiest I have EVER been!! New systems, Zoom meetings, seminars, webinars, trainings, IGTV, Facebook Live, IG Live, Youtube, creating content … ? We honestly do not have enough hours in our days! Now that you have your highly specialized skin specialists online most of the day, take advantage of our virtual consultations ? Get well experienced and educated advice from Skin Specialists ? Usually we are booked up with procedures, changing lives one skin at a time. Now we are talking skin virtually, ready to give you highly skilled advice, treatments plans and recommendations ?‍? Let’s get your skin OUT of lockdown! ? #virtualconsults #stayhome #staysafe #skin #aesthetics #specialists #education #treatmentplans #recommendations #ingredients #skinhealth

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The “aesthetic” industry, explained

Lourette has always been passionate about skin. “The topic intrigues me and the research is endless,” she says. “[But] in the past eight years, my passion for skin expanded into the aesthetic business industry. I fell in love with being able to grow a small business in our industry to something spectacular. This made me realise how strong we women are,” she says.

“I have this incredible urge to be a successful mom, wife and businesswoman, and then encourage other young women,” she continues. “We are overcoming previous beliefs of women in business, we are standing our ground and we are rising.”

What you need to know about a career in the beauty industry

There are multiple institutes offering brilliant courses to prepare women as therapists, says Lourette. “The base will always be education, and then to get out there and hustle! All you have to do is start. Some start their own business immediately, while some opt for a cruise ship contract. If you are particularly interested in the medical aesthetic industry, it’s best to apply for a position at a medical aesthetic practice, where there’s a doctor daily,” she explains.

There are plenty of online websites and companies offering support for the aesthetic industry. “The most support I’m currently seeing is from our suppliers. Suppliers of products and equipment (such as lasers) are offering free webinars on running an aesthetic business,” she adds.

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How to be a wife, mom and manager

“We as women have set an excellent footprint in managerial roles in our industry, especially during these last couple of years. We do have many men in our industry, especially in managerial and/or doctor positions. Of course, there are still many struggles for women to be seen as equal in business, especially being mothers and wives as well,” she adds.

“I’ve met exceptional leaders in our industry, male and female. In fact, I’m so grateful that a successful businessman saw my potential eight years ago and has been a great mentor since,” she says.

An overachiever by nature, Lourette had to learn that experience comes with time – and patience…


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Watch on IGTV or if you are on Facebook, click on the video to see the Full Screen ? “I have been doing these procedures on myself for the past 7 years, at least twice a year. My skin quality and strength have never been better ? This time round, I adapted my aftercare slightly. Watch the video to see how I healed, day by day ? The main healing product I used was GF1 from @thoclorlabs and of course to end my journey off, I am using my favorite BB cream from @drschrammeksa (Honey). ? This is my favorite laser combination procedures to have done on my own skin, as I know I will be showing off beautiful healthy skin in about a weeks time ?? Have you had this procedure done? Or would you like to?? Let us know in the comments ? @lourettedutoit “ #skin #aesthetics #laser #medical #antiaging #lines #wrinkles #healing #woundhealing #thoclor #drschrammek #laserspecialists #lourettedutoit

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That critical moment when the “lioness kicks in”

For Lourette, it was tough to maintain her reputation as a hard-working employee, while raising two babies [with a] husband who travels often. “I struggled to balance the three aspects of my life, as I wanted to succeed in all of them,” she says. “I worked through both my maternity leaves from home to avoid falling behind.”

A particularly difficult moment took place during Lourette’s maternity leave. A complication resulted in a rushed visit to hospital two days before her baby was due, while her husband was still making his way home from Brazil. “My friend still took a photo of me helping my team, doing month-end on my phone, while being attached to monitors in the hospital. My husband met his son over Facetime at Sau Paulo’s airport later that evening,” she says.

And it didn’t get easier. Lourette’s son ended up in the ICU twice in the months that followed. “I was at the point where I was going to give up my career as my children needed me, but the lioness in me kicked in,” she says.

Life lessons Lourette has learnt along the way…

1/ Believe in yourself.

“When I started out as a young spa manager, I wanted everyone to like me, which affected my work negatively. I started to doubt myself as a leader. Always believe in yourself and your capabilities. Do what is expected of you, and more.

2/ Stand your ground. You are unique and capable.

“I always remind myself of a quote [that] makes me pick up my chin and stare my problem straight in the face: She needed a hero, then she became one.”

3/ Women, be your own hero!

“You have a whole pack of us behind you.”

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Read, and then read some more

In between research, work, being a wife and a mom, Lourette reads. Her recommendation for y’all: How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen. “I encourage my team to own up to their achievements, as they can often be too shy to ‘show of’ their work. This needs to change. If you don’t own your success, no one will know it was you. Sally writes about 12 habits that hold women back at work and then she teaches you how to break them,” she says.


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Put your head down and focus ☝️ I am an internationally qualified and well experienced Aesthetic Therapist, specializing in treatments such as the most advanced laser technology, chemical peels and needling ? Treating concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, scars and of course aging skin. But as I am extremely admin orientated, my love for the industry falls mainly in business management, organizing, planning, graphs, growing a business and most importantly be the rock for a team to help each individual reach for their highest potential. If it was not for the team, would there even be a business?! ? Driving a big team of different specialties, medical and non-medical, with one of my main focusses to make sure we offer our patients the best result, looking at the bigger picture, makes my heart full ❤️ Find what you are good at, and make it yours, own it, be extraordinary! Instead of trying to do everything yourself and be mediocre. #skinismything #businesswoman #admin #organising #planning #aesthetics #drive #passion #medical #specialists #sandton #southafrica #manager #dreamteam

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Connect with Lourette

IG: @lourettedutoit

LinkedIn: Lourette Du Toit

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