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Nicole Drury is a visibility strategist with a PR degree – and she’s got great advice for you if you’re interested in embarking on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Nicole’s background is in sales and marketing in both Facebook and ministry. She also helps coach wellness and health business owners to build, sell and scale their businesses online through group coaching courses and one-on-one strategy sessions.

Helping entrepreneurs to thrive

Nicole’s courses equip entrepreneurs with the skills they need to ensure their businesses succeed. Courses are based on these three core pillars:

1/ Build – website optimisation, opt-in pages and more.
2/ Sell – socials on Instagram, Facebook, email marketing and more.
3/ Scale – package your biz online into memberships and/or courses.

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Getting into the industry…

Does Nicole’s career sound like something you’d like to pursue? “[Then] take on an internship, work for free, reach out to businesses you love,” she says. “Do the work to gain knowledge and experience so you can build your legacy.” The foundations you build are what will ensure your continued growth.

Nicole recommends you check out Innovation Hub Africa, where students are assigned personal mentors (local and international practicing professionals) while they learn valuable skills that’ll prepare them for the job market. There are spaces open for people of disadvantaged communities and you get the best of the best, she says.

“I helped mentor a young man from Joburg with a CEO background – and instead he taught me so much!” says Nicole. “As business owners, we need to surround ourselves with the next generation of people from all backgrounds and walks of life or we will stagnate.”

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Make the most of online coaching resources

Nicole advises following inspirational coaches online. Reach out, she says, and add value to them too. Through interacting, valuable organic friendships are created. “Many coaches have created their own closed community groups,” she says. “[But] I look forward to launching and curating one that will allow for opportunities to connect.”

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship

Nicole’s entrepreneurship bugbears include the following: people not paying invoices (the worst!), and lacking clarity on things like a client’s target market. Her top tip for achieving good client relations: “Set up contracts and have ‘discovery calls’ (15-minute introduction calls) to get to know the person or client to see if they align with you.”

And know what drives you too. “Answer your WHY are you doing what you do, WHO is it for and WHAT problems are you solving,” says Nicole. “[Figure out your] HOW – then execute and communicate that clearly with clear CTAs, or call to actions,” she says.

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Nicole’s money-saving tips

1/ Don’t buy the latest car, clothes, phones, laptop.

Work with what’s in your hand.

2/ Get free of debt

Have monthly goals, and find an accountability friend/coach to help you achieve them.

Best advice for the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs?

“Don’t wait for perfection – once you’ve built a reputation, go for it,” she says.

Connect with Nicole

@_nicoledrury (Instagram) @nicole.drurycoach (Facebook)

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