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Nontokozo Madonsela is the Momentum Metropolitan Group Chief Marketing Officer. Responsible for multiple brands within the group – including Guardrisk, Momentum, Metropolitan and Multiply –  she shares her journey and valuable tips with GH writer, Ondela Mlandu.


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True passions…

Nontokozo is passionate about solving problems. “Professionally, I am passionate about transforming and “fixing” brands and businesses – that’s really what excites me. Some of my friends refer to me as The Fixer [Olivia Pope’s on-screen character],” she says.

Nontokozo has a love for transformation, which extends to building teams and influencing culture. “My passion is people. Sometimes I think I love people too much! I’m struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic because it separates me from people,” she says.


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Getting into the industry…

Study marketing or a related degree. “I’ve found that having knowledge pertaining to your passion or profession gives you credibility and confidence. This equips you to bring value, which is why I advocate education. I also understand that jobs are changing,” says Nontokozo.

Recently, a university student reached out to her on LinkedIn, asking if she believes that an MBA is necessary to become a marketing manager. “My views are this: complete your undergrad, then enter the workplace to pick up practical experience before proceeding to your post-graduate level. This enables you to understand the theory in a much more useful way,” she says.

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Exposure to opportunities and where to find them…

There are many internships offered by big organisations. The best way to tap into these is by searching relevant websites and checking LinkedIn regularly. Tip: follow recruitment specialists, talent managers and relevant pages to stay abreast and get updates.


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Opportunities are for growth!

Nontokozo is also the public brand ambassador, so she needs to light up her confidence to portray a confident persona. “I’m learning and, in the meantime, faking it until it becomes natural. But, I still have a long way to go!” she says.

“Lacking confidence, especially in male-dominated industries, is still challenging,” she says. “I’m learning to own my success… I now understand that not being confident in my achievements will hold me back,” she says.

Leadership lessons learnt on the journey…

1/ Good relationships are essential to one’s success.

2/ Don’t seek perfection – rather pursue growth.

3/ The older you get, the more clarity you get about who you are, what fulfils you and what drains you.

4/ Sometimes the universe manifests something because you imagine it. It’s important to develop clarity around what it is that you want, so you don’t slow down the universe’s pace in meeting you halfway.


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Connect with Nontokozo

My twitter handle is (NontokozoM88).

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