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Pontsho Manzi is a luxury image consultant. What’s that? In a nutshell, she customises special wardrobes, accessories and lifestyles for the global elite. But there’s more to it than that. Pontsho is passionate about beauty and wants to see people living their dreams authentically from the inside out.

Pontsho’s business, The Luxury Image Consultant, functions on multiple levels. Think: personal shopper, luxury wedding consultant, travel consultant, political stylist, brand consultant and celebrity stylist. She tells Go Hustle about the journey, and dishes up some great advice for those keen to follow in her footsteps…

Want to get into the industry?

Pontsho advises studying an Image Consulting Diploma. Do a simple Google search and a number of institutions offering courses in this field pop up. With diploma in hand, you’re ready to start your own image consulting company, or offer freelance services to corporates, production houses, etc. “There’s a lot of material online, or [you] can join AICI [the Association of Image Consultants International],” she says.

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Pontsho’s biggest challenges as a business owner and how she overcome them…

“I’ve knocked on many doors to get business and delivered excellent service. Every open door became a word-of-mouth promoter; [an] advertisement of our products/services offering to other clients,” she says. What ultimately grew her biz? “Fastidious commitment to excellence and professionalism in the delivery of services to clients that is underpinned by unquestionable integrity in all my dealings,” says Pontsho.

4 Leadership lessons she’s learnt as an entrepreneur

1/ “Every female leader must know and be confident in the fact that the world needs their intellect and capabilities to leave a legacy in this world.”

2/ “Anything that comes easily usually does not have lasting value.”

3/ “Integrity and a positive sense of self-worth always win the day.”

4/ “Never compromise your soul for advancement in business or the world of work.”

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Books every young woman should read

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, and Nice Girls Still Don’t Get The Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel.

How Pontsho practises self-care

“Besides spending time in my prayer room, [my ideal relaxation time involves] taking a bubble bath with calming music, reading a book, a walk on the beach, painting, nurturing my plants in the garden, visiting art galleries, nurseries and gardens,” says Pontsho.

Connect with Pontsho



Facebook: Pontsho Manzi

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