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Pride Maunatlala brings clarity to complex challenges for business and personal brands. She tells GH how she’s helping people find their purpose.


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Curiosity is key

Pride is uniquely gifted in her area of work, because she has a deep curiosity about people and how systems work. After studying a BCom in Marketing, she stepped fairly effortlessly into the Marketing and Advertising industry. “In my industry, I’m called a Brand Strategist. I am the founder of ar.che.ty.pal, a brand strategy and personal branding consultancy,” she says.


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Using your resources to help you get ahead

LinkedIn is a good place to discover communities to join in the field. There are also industry bodies, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) SA Youth Action Council, who aim to increase engagement within the industry for under-30s,” she says.

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For women, Pride recommends the SheSays community – an international body supporting women in the industry. “Many organisation do offer internships,” she adds. “It’s best to look directly on their website or reach out to their talent teams. Some students are fortunate to have recruiters arriving on their campuses – take advantage of those opportunities.”


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Changing dynamics in the industry

The marketing and advertising industry is broad, so finding your niche can be challenging. It’s also possible to be typecast according to gender, she says. For example, traditionally in advertising many women would be in client services instead of, say, leading the creative team. “This dynamic is slowly changing. [But still…] during my career, I’ve seen many women being accelerated through their entry and mid-level careers, only to reach a ceiling and be kept there.”

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Allowing employees the freedom to innovate

Imagine corporates actively supported their employees’ side businesses and measured their growth! “If corporates actively [did this], there would be an increase in the number of successful start-ups to reboot the economy,” explains Pride.

According to Pride, corporates are positioned to achieve this because they have the expertise for building business, resources for funding and experts for mentorship. “Many experienced professionals have industry-changing ideas based on their experience, but fear executing whilst they have a 9-5 job. The benefits for the employees? Freedom to innovate and support to go further. The benefits for the corporates? More engaged and innovative employees. Benefits for the country? Injection of equipped entrepreneurs and an economic reboot,” she says.

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What progression and growth can look like

Initially, Pride was impatient with the progression of her career. She wanted quick growth. “This kept me from listening adequately and taking in feedback. I found that I was not applying it often times. Feedback and critique is valuable for growth. I quickly learned that all feedback is valuable for growth,” she says.

Pride eventually learned to accept feedback from those she didn’t like or align with. “I started to openly ask myself, ‘What’s the rush?’ This all changed for the better when I found a mentor who relayed to me examples of how all her experiences make sense when looking back,” she says.


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 “Lessons for my younger self…”

“A good leader can deliver tough conversations in a way that teaches and empowers. Learn how to have tough conversations,” says Pride.

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