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Actress Roxane Hayward‘s “other” profession is centred around helping others work towards their health, wellness and nutrition goals. In fact, she helps her clients regain mastery over all areas of their lives. How? Through The GetGiver

Here, Roxane tells GH writer Ondela Mlandu how she goes into the world and passes her energy, service and guidance to others.


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The GetGiver…

In 2020, Roxane launched The GetGiver – finding the WE in Wellness, a platform for people to share their stories, knowledge and expertise in the areas of nutrition, self-care, movement, spirituality, connection with others, and creativity. “I am passionate about real human connection, placing importance on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health as a whole,” she says.

Her focus: working towards a world where community thrives and we go back to caring for one another. Rushing through life’s moments is no longer necessary, says Roxane. Life is about finding contentment and joy, no matter our circumstances. Imagine if we woke up every morning and the first thought on our mind was: How can I help someone else today?

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Every interaction is an opportunity…

“No matter how big or small the interaction might be, it could have a huge positive impact on that person’s life. If placing your focus on others is something that fuels your energy, then I’d definitely suggest making a career out of it,” says Roxane.  Sound like you? There are so many different paths you could take, but you can start by:

Finding an area that interests you and roll with it.

“For me, it was nutrition. Having started my acting career at a young age, finding the appropriate nutrition to get me through long days on set, as well as staying in strong physical shape, has always been an interest of mine.

“I decided to further my education and study through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, earning myself the certification of an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,” says Roxane. More than the qualification, the knowledge and confidence that comes with studying a particular subject is invaluable when helping others to gain their own confidence.

“I would then suggest, alongside your primary focus, keep living life!” says Roxane. “Every experience, skill, memory or pastime could become a valuable asset to you and your career. For example, many of my clients enjoy the fact that I host self-defence seminars (something that grew out of my passion for Muay Thai) – they look at it as an addition that can assist them in enhancing their overall power,” she says.


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Overcoming life’s challenges…

“Having started working at the age of ten in the entertainment industry, I have probably heard the word ‘no’ more than any other word in the English language,” says Roxane. “I’ve missed family milestones, made hard decisions choosing between projects, had months of no work, had months of zero free time for anything other than work, and the list goes on.” But every challenge she went through turned into a sturdy building block, laying the foundation for The GetGiver.

“I needed to develop The GetGiver into a space that’s able to positively impact other people’s lives. I broke up the challenges into many small steps and ticked off one box at a time. Before I knew it, I had overcome the challenge,” says Roxane. If you’re going to grow, you will always face challenges – that’s the exciting thing about them.

Words of wisdom

“Your relationship with others is the thing that will bring you the most happiness, joy, contentment, success and excitement. Your friends, colleagues, family, other half, clients, employees – don’t neglect them, their importance and their voice,” she says.

A must-read book for every woman

“Show Your Work” by Austin Kelon. Striving for perfection can often get in the way of an opportunity to do some good in the world. “If you are working on something – show it! This book is very encouraging for anyone starting out in a career, stagnant in their current circumstances or holding back from shining their light out onto the world,” says Roxanne.

What self-care means to Roxane…

“The thing I love about self-care is that there are endless ways to practise it; it is ever-changing and constantly evolving. I really enjoying mixing things up to ensure that they never begin to feel like a mundane chore, eg. adding in one new ‘beauty treat’ a day to my morning routine (dry bushing, epsom salt baths, a few minutes in the sunshine) – whichever thing I’m in the mood for that day,” she says.

Anything can be an act of self-care if you look at the benefits/positives of it, explains Roxane. “Things such as cleaning your kitchen after dinner so you wake up to a beautiful clean space. A chore can actually become an act of self-care,” she says.

Roxane is loving taking the time to get out her oil paints and zoning in to the rhythm of the brush on the canvas is soothing for her. We’re here for that.


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A post shared by Roxane Hayward (@roxanehayward)

Connect with Roxane

“I would love to continue this conversation,” says Roxanne.  Find her here: Instagram @thegetgiver, Facebook @The GetGiver and

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