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Every morning when Tammy Rawstron and Rachel Kolisi wake up, they listen to a podcast (like those by Pastor Michael Todd and Priscilla Shirer) before a workout. Tammy, a personal trainer, starts the day at 5am to prepare for her clients, while Rachel juggles a household and being a mom of four. The women make sure they look after their health, regardless of the chaos that comes with the daily grind, especially as new entrepreneurs in a venture that’s all about empowering women.

The birth of RISE

The idea for RISE, a community for women who believe they can achieve much more by uplifting each other, was first discussed in May 2019 – the thought was spontaneous; an overflow of passion from both Tammy and Rachel.

In June, the duo launched a body transformation guide, which fast gained a loyal following, and in November they unveiled a workout guide called Rise From The Inside. “We strongly believe that your quality of life really begins when you start taking care of your health and fitness, but most importantly, your head and your heart,” says Rachel.

Since conception, the two have hosted women’s events across South Africa. “RISE is a movement and a platform where we empower women with tools to help them live life to their grand purpose,” says Tammy.

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Expanding a movement, empowering women…

RISE has grown rapidly in a short space of time. “We never imagined it to be much more than a transformation guide e-book in the beginning, but as time has passed, we’ve had incredible feedback and are ready to embrace the growth,” says Tammy.

Creating your own women’s movement

Here are few guidelines to get you started:
1/ Keep your passion in mind.
2/ Practicing within your passion can truly change lives and add value.
3/ Doing something with shallow intentions is a daily struggle.

Is Imposter Syndrome real?

The thoughts sometimes arrive, but they are your choice to capture or release. We always hold onto the belief that we are perfectly equipped for the doors that open before us and that we hold the talents and capabilities for our purpose. Rise was built around genuine love and passion and we will embrace and rise to the challenge.

What we wish we knew then, that we know now…

1/ Don’t let the world define you.

2/ Silence the voices that say you can’t.

3/ Surround yourself with people who have your best intentions at heart.

4/ Let go of the things that hold you back. Your future is your decision so don’t let it be anything less than grand.

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 Pearls of wisdom

“Seek to add true value to yourself. Nurture yourself because an empty cup has nothing to give,” they say. The women believe in being deliberate about the message they want to send out to the world. “We believe every South African entrepreneur should have a heart to change the nation,” they say.

A must-read…

A book the duo compiled called “Rise from the Inside“. The book is about the eight things that prepared them the most for where they are today.

Self-care is really, really important

“We always make sure we’re looking after our bodies and health,” they say. Tammy loves training whenever she has the opportunity – it just makes her feel good! “Every morning when I wake up, I listen to a podcast to encourage and prepare myself for the day ahead. I always make sure to take pride in my appearance,” she says. Tammy believes that how you present yourself can have a strong impact on how you feel on the inside.

Advice for future forward-thinking females

“Great leaders never hold back wisdom and guidance out of fear of being outshone,” says Rachel. Pursuing a full understanding of yourself is important. “Cheer each other on. We grow when we do things as a community,” says Tammy.

Good deeds…

The biggest thing these powerhouses have in common is their love for people. “We are passionate about giving back to the community and providing opportunities for those in need,” they say. Tammy and Rachel love to watch women achieve breakthroughs and they strongly believe in the infinite power of a community of women determined to rise.

Wanna get social?

“We are absolutely available to assist with your journey,” say the duo. “We practice the principle: ‘Our efforts, match yours.’ Follow the RISE Women Movement on their website and Instagram.

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