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Tee Xaba: Actress, radio presenter, beauty influencer. You may recognise this immaculate face(beat) from Idols or from the ‘gram, but wherever you know her from, you’ve undoubtedly admired her contour skills at some point. In fact, it’s the thing that most gets her enthused about make-up, she tells us. “Just thinking about it makes me excited… A good contour and highlight without flashback… It’s just every girl’s dream.”

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Tee Xaba, the all-round entertainer…

“I’m a radio host, actress, singer, MC, social media influencer and all-round entertainer,” says Tee. “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember… but officially started five years ago.”

Her passion for the arts is clear. “You can’t box an artistic person; or rather, a creative. I can wake up today [and] I wanna sing [so] I do it; tomorrow I’m acting and I love it. I just love how it never ends,” she says.

Valuable intel on how to get into the biz

“The best way to get into my industry is [by] standing out,” says Tee. “Wherever you go and whatever you do, just always stand out…

“Not in a loud and uncouth way,” she’s quick to add, “but have a presence that says you have arrived – even if you don’t believe it. Fake it till you make it and you will thrive at every interview and audition.”

“Women do experience a lot of challenges in our industry”

“Most of them come from the direction of men in high positions,” she says. “There will be temptations and ultimatums put forward, but never fall for it. What is yours will be yours and there’s need to sell your soul for it.”

Toxicity is Tee’s bugbear. “Our industry is fickle and can be detrimental to one’s mental health. For me, having to work in toxic environments has to be one of the biggest challenges. What I can say, though, is that I did come out unscathed and I’m glad I chose me. I walked away from what others would consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and chose my peace and my mental health.”

Choose peace, she says. “Not every battle is yours to fight. Don’t take everything too personally.”

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“Be unapologetic about your gift and passion”

“Don’t worry about what people have to say,” says Tee. “Soldier on and everything will come together. Also, be very patient with yourself because success and perfection take time.”

The one book all women should read?

Tee loves non-fiction. The most recent book she’s read? “It’s called ‘The Gold Diggers’ [by Sue Nyathi] and I promise you won’t regret it. It teaches gratitude in the most obscure way.”

How Tee treats herself…

“I looooove myself,” exclaims Tee. “I enjoy long hot baths and moisturising with different oils. I make it a point to go for a massage every month. I also detox every month. The list is really long, but self-care is serious business, man!”

Connect with Tee

Tee’s handle is @therealteexaba. “I respond to most of my DMs,” she says, “and I’m always open to sharing my experiences.”

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