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After the year we’ve had… these have got to be the very best gifts to self! Or, you know, every woman in your life… Whether you and your girl boss squad are fluffing up those home office spaces, or heading back to work in 2021, these are the items that’ll help you ace those #workgoals.

1. A diary

Go Hustle 2021 Diary, R135, Spar and Clicks

Who doesn’t want to be more organised, or more motivated, or just more together? No one, right? That’s why the Go Hustle team has put together an exciting productivity tool for the new year. The Go Hustle Diary 2021 is set to take your goals game to the next level. Not just a hard-cover, full-colour week-a-spread diary, but a workbook packed with inspo and advice! PS. Did we mention how gorgeous they are?

2. A desk plant

Plantimex Magic Lavender Pot, R62, Builder’s Warehouse

Plants add serious charm to a desk. And health benefits! Stressy feels resulted in a patch of eczema? Aloe can help to heal that (simply break off a piece and dab the juice where it hurts). Plus: an aloe plant purifies the air, removing irritants that can impact your respiratory system and trigger feeling of unease and anxiety. Then there’s lavender… As well as smelling beautiful, lavender can dispel stress and anxiety. Gift yourself a pot of lavender (above) and aloe plant (R140 at Woolworths).

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3.  A standing desk

Jumbo Desk Stand, R1699,

You’ve heard this one before… living a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous for your health. Solution? Making an effort to regularly stand up and shift position. So do your 2021 self a favour and invest in a standing desk.

4. Or just a chic regular desk if you must…

Manchester Desk, R6999, @Home

Okay, okay… some of us like to sit. So, #WFH but make it fashionable! This white Manchester desk has ample drawer space and is a great piece for someone who’s environment is important to their productivity.

5. An ergonomic office chair

Task Ergonomic Office Chair (Black)

Speaking of sitting… If you’re going to be working from home, may as well make it comfy. This chair provides great back support, and it’s a swiveller, so we’re sold, obvs.

6. Desk lamp

Aruba Desk Lamp, R99.99, Mr Price Home

Add a bit of colour when you need to work longer or start earlier than the standard 9 to 5. This simple desk lamp adds a contemporary look – and the sunshiny yellow just makes us smile!

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7. A small foldable storage crate

Typo crate, R74.99, Cotton On

Marie Kondo your desk with this ridiculously cute (and incredibly useful) foldable storage crate. Store all those docs taking up your space in one place, so you never spend frazzled hours rummaging for lost items again.

8. A diffuser

Organico by Oco Life Diffuser, R949, Faithful To Nature

Perfect for your home office (oh hey blissy spa feels), this his wood grain ultrasonic diffuser uses ultrasonic waves (sound waves that you can’t hear) to diffuse negatively charged essential oil ions into the room, which bond with harmful positively charged ions in the air, helping to purify the space. Bonus: this one comes with a bottle of Reawaken & Breathe essential oil blend.

9. Hand sanitiser, of course…

Mada Skin & Tonic Moisturing Hand Sanitiser, R150

Last but not least, because Covid… Make sure you’ve got hand sanitiser at your desk. Why this one’s extra-special? Well, just look it it – cute, right? Plus, unlike some of those paint stripper-type sanitisers, it moisturises as it protects. The handy keyring and carry-pouch mean you can grab-‘n-go for those last-min coffee runs. And the scent is more perfume than medicine cabinet. Hint: Try the grapefruit and rosemary!

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