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It Takes All Kinds To Build A Successful Team

1. Be Aware Of How You Work

As the team leader, be aware of your leadership styles and techniques. Are they as effective as you think? Evaluate yourself and be critical of where you can improve. 

2. Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

Each of your team member’s responsibilities must be interconnected and dependent upon one another. Not unlike team sports (where some players are known as ‘system players’) – meaning that, although they may not be the most talented person on the team, they must know how to work best within the ‘system’. 

3. Be Proactive With Feedback

Feedback is key to assuring the team is staying on track but also that they are improving each day. Feedback should be proactive and constant. – Remember, feedback is a two-way communication process. 

4. Acknowledge & Reward

People love recognition but most are appreciative of respect. Take your time to give your teammates the proper accolades they have earned and deserve. 

5. Always Celebrate Success

This goes beyond acknowledgment – it’s about taking a step back and reflecting on what you have accomplished and what you have learned through the journey. 

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