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Authentic Content

The world of social and digital media is a volatile one. How do you sift through all that noise and figure out if an article, photo, TikTok vid or Insta image is authentic with the staggering amount of misinformation out there? You create authentic content…

Pieter Groenewald, CEO of media innovation specialist company Nfinity, shares his insights on how to  prevent your business and personal brand from being added to the “inauthentic content creation” pile.

First off, you’ll need to put your money where your mouth is

For many years, organic reach was considered superior to paid reach online. The theory was that, based on the trust economy, consumers were more likely to respond to organic posts over posts that were sponsored or paid for. This has shifted.

Let’s look at an influencer example… “Once trust is built between an influencer and their followers, sponsored posts are accepted as readily as an organic post,” says Pieter. “Even more importantly, a sponsored post can reach new audiences who suit the influencer’s demographic and, in many cases, will even serve to grow the influencer’s following.”

So, how do you go about it? See which of your content performs best with consumers, then sponsor that post to reach more of your target audience. “As we’ve seen, because influencers don’t sell products, but showcase them within their own lives instead, trust remains the same and brands extend their reach,” says Pieter.

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Be authentic!

Influencer marketing has remained relevant – even through the extreme content shock of accelerated screen time and the exponential rise of digital content. Why? Because it’s authentic content.

“Influencer content outperforms brand content – always,” says Pieter. “Think of your own social media habits. Do you only respond to slick, production quality content, or the content that interests you most? We aren’t usually on social media to shop.” We’re there because we find the people we follow and the content they generate educational, interesting or entertaining. Good content ticks all three boxes.

How to create the best content for your brand:

Want to be truly authentic and build trust? First off, simply ask your customers to video or photograph themselves using your product. “Encourage them to tag you in the post. User-generated content comes with incredible trust signals, because we know someone has chosen to spend their money with your brand,” says Pieter.

The second route is to partner with micro- and nano-influencers whose lifestyle suits a product. For example, a brand that manufactures trail running shoes connects with someone who regularly posts about their trail runs, training and competition days. They most likely share their fave running trails and products with their followers too. Boom. You just increased your reach. And got a major trust injection.

“The key to success with any influencer marketing is that influencers are themselves, which means brands need to build up trust with the influencers they work with. This is about their brand, their followers and how specific products or services enriches their lives,” he says.

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