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Taking Your Business “Digital” Is Totally Doable – Just Follow These 4 Simple Steps

The COVID-19 lockdown has had a pretty big effect on our buying behaviour. I mean, even our grans are going digital and engaging with brands and businesses virtually! Who would’ve thought. It’s safe to say that the 4th industrial revolution has finally hit South Africa…

So, what does this digital revolution mean for you as an entrepreneur?

People are cottoning on to the fact that they need to change the way they do business if they want to stay relevant and profitable.

Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re keen to take your existing business in a more digital direction, digital brand and content strategist at TC Digital Tracey Che King has compiled a list of four tips that will help you do just that. 

1/ Pandemic-proof your product  

To ensure your business isn’t affected by another pandemic or state of emergency, it’s critical that you are able to provide your product digitally. That may mean brainstorming and trial testing a few iterations of your product in digital format.

For example, if you run a food business, now would be the time to test-drive delivery of meal kits that allow customers to prepare your dishes themselves. You could also create a video or pdf course that teaches customers how to cook. Experiment now to avoid running into profit losses later. 

Good examples of ‘pandemic-proof’ products include online courses, e-books, e-commerce, consulting, professional blogging/vlogging, apps, printables, payment-gate content, virtual conferences and DIY kits.

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2/ Make your business’ website or portfolio discoverable

Never underestimate the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) and organic discovery of your product or service. Usually you’d depend on foot-traffic to drive customers into your store. Investing in SEO – by taking the time to learn it or by hiring a trusted SEO content specialist – is the equivalent of having a brick-and-mortar office/store on one of the busiest and wealthiest streets. 

3/ Take full advantage of social media and social media ads

Imagine spending millions of rands on a billboard, only to find that people are spending most of their time indoors and are not walking around as frequently as they used to. Also, imagine a world where there are only a handful of magazines being printed. With this in mind, where would you and how would you advertise?

The reality is that we are currently living in that world. Thankfully, social media gives all entrepreneurs the ability to create their own digital billboards, as well as the ability to be the cover star of their own micro media portal. Take advantage of underpriced social media advertising by putting a portion of your marketing budget towards releasing captivating ads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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4/ Your mailing list is your earning potential

Ever heard the phrase: “Your network is your net worth”? While the saying still holds weight, the method in which this network is obtained or nurtured is different. Having a database of emails and phone numbers has become imperative to building a successful business. The more people you have on your list, the greater your chances are of making a sale.

Just make sure the emails and/or text messages you send offer value to your customers (vs something annoying and spammy) so they start to see your business as a trusted, invaluable resource. 

Tracey will be launching a course that aims to help small businesses and solo-preneurs make the shift and drive attention and sales through digital marketing. For more information, email, or text the word  ‘digital’ to [email protected] or 061 500 7134

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