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Job Application Process

Kim Deane, Investment Specialist within the Personal Investments team at Coronation Fund Managers, has been in the biz for close on a decade. So she knows her stuff. Listen up, graduates, as Kim shares the advice that could change the job application game for you…

PS: It’s tough out there for everyone. Luckily, this advice is gold whether you’re keen on the finance industry or fashion and everything in between, so notebooks out!

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Start with a great CV

You can get some good advice on what to include in your CV and various layout options online, but give it some proper thought. This document is the first and only piece of information your potential employer will have on you (amongst a stack of other applicants) and it’s your first foot in the door. It should be a good reflection of who you are and something you can be proud of. 

Company culture is important

Look for companies with a culture that fits your personality and that you can believe in. It’s far easier to become excited about your work and grow in a business if these things are aligned. 

Do a personality test

There are many options out there. Enneagram is one. This entails about an hour’s worth of online questions (be as honest as possible!) and will provide you with a profile and report. Interviews often include questions on the soft stuff, for example your personality, strengths and weaknesses. Although you may not agree with everything in your profile, a personality test is a great starting point in preparing for an interview – particularly these EQ-type questions. In fact, through this process, you may even find a few pointers that help direct you towards the type of role that would suit you perfectly. 

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Prepare for your interview

Don’t just arrive. Think about the kinds of questions the company may ask, and a range of possible responses that are a good reflection of who you are. Also research the business as best as you can. Have a look online – perhaps you know someone in the industry who can give you some pointers. 

It’s okay not to land your dream job straight away

When starting out, don’t be too reluctant to take a role you may believe you’re overqualified for, particularly if it gives you scope and access to other areas of the business. The corporate world is very different to the schooling and university background you may have come from – there is a lot to learn! Plus, by getting to know the company itself, its culture and forming internal connections, you will be better placed to move within the business compared to a complete outsider. Take note: positioning yourself and taking advantage of these opportunities will be your responsibility. Be proactive – no one is going to do it for you. 

Put yourself forward!

You can’t be considered for things that you don’t show up for. Even if you think the job is above your current skill set, you never know… Plus, the experience of going through an interview process will better prepare you for future opportunities.

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