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“The One Piece Of Advice I’d Give My Younger Self” – Girl Bosses Dish Life And Leadership Lessons

Leadership lessons are career gold! If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently? Many of today’s successful girl bosses learned lessons later in life that they wish they’d known when they were starting out. So, we asked entrepreneurs and thought leaders: What advice would you give your younger self?

Leadership lessons 101…

1/ Anthea Scholtz, director of Tové Experience

“Don’t become disheartened by failure and keep pushing on. The minute you’re about to give up and think it’s all going to fail is the time when you need to stick with it the most. That’s where the magic happens. That’s my real-life motto with entrepreneurship especially. I really have found that the magic is in the lowest points. That’s where the turnaround happens.”

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Hi ? My name is Anthea Scholtz. I’m the Founder and Director of Tové Experience, founded in 2017. I started the business with the intention of creating, curating and executing the most incredible experiences for both nationals and internationals in the Mother City. Everything is experiential within the Tové brand. As such, lockdown and social distancing has slowed things down substantially. But we’re using this time for creativity and new ideas..- lots of planning in motion! My greatest bit of advice to small businesses is to sit tight. It’ll be so worthwhile! Cant wait to see you all thrive at the other side of this. ❤️ • • • This post was nominated by @ashvsgold with the intention of showing the faces behind the brands during this difficult time, to show that we’re all in it together. Tové Experience calls on the wonderful @awinteriors @jackandjillcommunications & @beachcultct to do the same❤️ #capetown #business #southafrica #TovéExperience #experience #travel #wanderlust #lockdown

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2/ Melene Rossouw, attorney and gender rights activist

“Put in the hard work and constantly develop yourself. Never shy away from making tough decisions or try to avoid uncomfortable situations because it will be in these times when your character will not only be tested but shaped. Be open and willing to learn from others – even from their failures – as they will be mirrors for your own life.

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“In everything that you achieve always remember that humility should come first and never forget that your life will be the purest gift you will offer humanity, so make sure your intentions and actions towards others you meet along the way are good and honourable.

“Explore, dream and discover but above all rejoice in every new day, every new opportunity and every failure, as all of this will take you to your destiny.”

3/ Zola Thekiso, CEO of Great Seed Talent

“Investigate possible careers – I’d research careers that are linked to my passions and strengths, align these with my goals and job shadow. Then I’d do a process of elimination of careers I felt were not for me.”

4/ Gemma Dawn, CEO of Eco GemGem

“Stop stressing about what you will become one day. [Rather,] start learning as much as you can about owning a business, learn all the ‘boring’ things you don’t love as much, like admin and money handling. You will have plenty of time to be creative after that.

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“Learn everything you can from your mom – she has learnt many lessons in her time and you can absorb and utilise all that information for yourself.

“Most of all, be true to your ideas, stop looking for confirmation on your designs and just go with what you feel is right! the world will follow, and the ones that don’t, well, dear, they are not your target market. You will succeed, so enjoy the crazy ride of entrepreneurship!”

5/ Caley Africa, co-founder of Artisans in Africa

“Don’t be anxious about making the right career move – all career moves add up into a series of lessons. You learn from each role you do, be it soft/hard skills – both are valuable. 

“Build two core skillsets, for example presenting and business strategy. One alone means you will be employed, whereas two means you can start your own gig. Aim to start your own gig, even on the side – it’s the way this world is moving. 

“Own lane, own pace – this ain’t a race. But for sure being in the right lane is key.”

6/ Hildegard Witbooi, horticulturist

“I wish I didn’t take life so seriously. Slow down and smell the roses, beautiful girl. I write ‘beautiful’ because as my young self, I didn’t think I was beautiful at all.”

7/ Sibongile Gangxa, founder of Ciko Story Concepts

“Every experience, every encounter, every relationship and every memory will lead you to your highest expression of self. Don’t despise the ugly, don’t own the shame and don’t regret the journey. Some trauma and regrets will be of your own doing – forgive yourself for them. Some will not be of your doing – accept the apologies you might never get then. With great courage, humility and gratitude, author your life. Be patient with yourself – you’re becoming and it’s all going to make sense.”

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8/ Huenu Solsona, director of The Galileo Open Air Cinema

“When not sure which direction to take in life, let the feelings that you feel decide for you. If something feels good, say yes to it. If you feel some resistance or some kind of negative feeling towards something, say no to it.

“You will know how you feel about something by taking some time out, quieting your mind, and simply noticing how you feel when thinking upon the situation.

“Be honest with yourself and know you never have to do something you don’t want to do. The world is way freer than you ever imagined. Everything is truly possible so don’t limit yourself. You will live an extraordinary life if you follow good feelings every time.”

9/ LeAnne Dlamini, founder of End Girl Hate, singer, songwriter

“Be gentle with yourself. Take the pressure off. Relax – let every moment be what it’s meant to be. What is meant for you will find you.”

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  1. Real great advice..the advices definitely resound with the ones I would give my younger self also

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