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7 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Account So Recruiters Will Actually Notice You

LinkedIn is the platform for professional networking and job hunting. So how do you get from basic job title to stellar profile? Director of Principal Class Placements Tara-Lee De Wit shares her tips. Here, how to enhance your LinkedIn account so recruiters spot you.

1/ Spell check

Part of making a profile engaging is to ensure there are no spelling errors, says Tara-Lee. “It only takes a minute to double-check it. I’ll be honest, even when receiving CVs – seeing spelling errors is quite off-putting and doesn’t put a candidate’s application at the top of the shortlist pile.”

2/ Get active on social media

Be active on LinkedIn, says Tara-Lee. Follow companies and influencers relevant to your career and industry. “Don’t be afraid to be outspoken and comment on posts you feel strongly about. Recruiters like to see someone who’s active on social media in general – it speaks volumes. So go out there and get networking!”

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3/ Get real with your a profile pic

You absolutely must have a profile photo, or your LinkedIn profile may as well be redundant, explains Tara-Lee. Forget the “shirt, blazer and heels” unless you’re in this attire 24/7. “Use a real profile photo, head and shoulders – you having a laugh, with a big smile, a profile photo that is recent and honest.”

4/ Be concise, but descriptive

Highlight your career history and experience in the “About” section of your profile, but get straight to the point. Try to avoid buzzwords (dynamic, motivated, determined, self-starter), says Tara-Lee. Rather use two or three winning sentences outlining your experience and skills that’ll get people interested quickly.

5/ Ensure your CV and LinkedIn profile are aligned

Recruiters always do their ground work, and this includes social media checks. Ensure the dates on your CV line up with the dates on your social media profiles. The same applies to the company names and job titles, as well as educational history. Make sure everything flows and that there’s no reason for a recruiter to see gaps and hiccups, she says.

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6/ Ask for recommendations

Ask for recommendations from a previous employers, colleagues or clients you’ve worked with. “If you know you did a good job, don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation! It enhances your profile and gives recruiters a glimpse into what you’re like in the workplace,” says Tara-Lee.

7/ Pull your profile together

Take the time to create a complete profile that highlights your experience, strengths and unique characteristics. “It’s an absolute joy for a recruiter or potential employer to see a full LinkedIn profile, where we’re able to see who you are and where your experience lies at a glance,” she says. “First impressions really do count, make sure you leave a good one!”

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