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There’s usually an obvious boundary between your home and office life. But in the days of COVID-19 lockdown and its giant serving of uncertainty, working from home (#WFH) comes with a new set of problems…

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While we’re all doing our best to stick to routines and form clear boundaries between office and home while working remotely, have you thought about how to end your working day – even if you have nowhere to go? Here’s what GH writer Ondela Mlandu thinks you need to consider:

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1/ Implementing specific work hours while working remotely during lockdown is a great way to know when your working day is done. Making sure you get a good night’s rest allows you to wake up feeling refreshed, so you can tackle the next day’s tasks. Stick to the routine you’d follow at work, with lunch and coffee breaks factored into your schedule to make life as “normal” as possible.

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2/ Diarise any meetings you may have with your colleagues and prioritise time to move throughout the day. Your Discovery points and smartwatch will thank you for it! Walk around your room or garden while you speak on the phone, for example.

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3/ Clock out time looks different for everyone, so whether you clock out at 3pm or 5pm, when you’re done with the day, log off from your computer so you can’t receive any more emails. It’s easy to let your workday bleed into your evening when you don’t have your usual commute home, but it’s important to build in time at night to rest and recharge so you can be consistent and be energised for the next day.

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