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Manifestation Challenge

So, WTF is manifestation anyway? In the most simple terms, manifestation involves embodying the experience you wish to have in the future. No, not to think of the experience you wish to have – to actually become the experience you wish to have.

Confused? Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

Let’s say you’re dissatisfied with an aspect of your life. Your career, say. Or finances. Well, you don’t need to stay in that same miserable place for the rest of your life. You can manifest a better situation for yourself.

Here, self-worth and Abundance Coach Tam Hayward explains the five-step process to being the very best version of yourself that you can be, and living the life you’ve always dreamed about (because it is possible)…

It’s about fine-tuning how you feel…

Becoming aware of and fine-tuning how you feel about your current life situation is the #1 focus when working with manifestation. “If you seek to manifest a life of financial freedom and a sexy six-figure monthly income, you can’t be stuck in feeling dissatisfied with what you already have,” says Tam. “You can’t create financial freedom when you feel a lack of financial freedom.”

Here are five simple, practical ways to embody the version of yourself that you want to experience in the future. Go through the steps for five days and you might be pleasantly surprised by where you find yourself at the end of the process.

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Day 1: Open yourself up to what you want

You can do this with gratitude. Gratitude is the emotional and energetic signature of already having something. “A grateful person signals to the universe that they’re open to receiving more events to be grateful for. When gratitude is your focus, you can’t help but magnetise more experiences into your life to be grateful for,” says Tam.  

Don’t get caught up in thinking manifestation is difficult, or that it takes a long time. Manifestation is a natural, simple, universal experience that you are involved in on a day-to-day basis. “You are always manifesting, so also express gratitude for how powerful you are! What you appreciate, appreciates,” she says.

Day 2: Observe what motivates you

People are motivated either by avoiding pain or seeking pleasure. “When you are motivated to take action in your life from a place of trying to avoid pain, you attract more pain into your life because that is where you have placed your attention. Where attention goes, energy flows,” says Tam. Trying to avoid debt? You’ll attract more bills. Trying to lose weight because you hate your body? You’ll find a billion reasons to binge. 

Check in with yourself to see what your dominant motivation modus operandi is. Make a conscious effort to motivate yourself to seek pleasure and you will find more pleasurable experiences show up in your life.

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Day 3: Be clear on your intention, then take “inspired action” 

“Let’s be clear. Manifestation requires clarity and cooperation. You are required to take part in the co-creation of your life. This means that you will need to take inspired action,” says Tam.

Inspired action is an action that feels exciting and motivates you towards pleasure. When you take action from this place, it doesn’t feel like hard work. Inspired action is also acting on your gut hunches. Taking inspired actions requires you to act on moments of inspiration. 

Feel inspired to send an email with a big idea to your boss? Act on it immediately before you allow your rational brain to talk you out of it. Noticing a call to visit a certain place or try a new hobby? Do it. You never know who you may meet. A friend on your mind day in and day out? Pick up the phone. Maybe she has something important to share with you.

Your inner being is always communicating with you. It’s your job to listen, take inspired action and trust that it will reveal the next step, explains Tam.

Day 4: Now just let what needs to happen… happen

Don’t get caught up in the details of how it will happen or try to micromanage your manifestation.

“When you obsess about the details of how your manifestation will unfold, you get in your own way,” says Tam. “The desire to micromanage your manifestation communicates a lack of trust; when you distrust, you’re operating in scarcity mode.”

Manifestation is meant to show up in unexpected ways that you couldn’t see coming. You are not meant to know how it will happen – your only requirement is to trust! 

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Day 5: Make the shift into a state of abundance

“You are so worthy of your desires,” says Tam. “Self-worth is the precursor to manifestation. In order to manifest your greatest desires, you have to feel worthy of those desires. You are not worthy because of your title or because of your bank balance. You are worthy because you are alive!”

When you feel and acknowledge that you are enough just as you are, you shift into a state of abundance, she explains. “To be enough and to have enough is living abundantly. When you feel like you need to prove yourself or that you aren’t good enough, you have slipped into lack. Make it your priority to celebrate all that you are. Make it a priority to see your enough-ness. Make it a priority to honour yourself daily…

“Find something to celebrate yourself for daily and cultivate a deep connection to your enough-ness by spending 10 minutes a day focusing on deep belly breathing. All this requires is finding a place to be in solitude, letting your belly relax. Breathe into your belly, noticing the expansion and contraction of your belly as your life force flows through you,” says Tam.

How do you feel? Better right? Told you!

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