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5 Money Mindset Shifts That’ll Totally Transform Your Bank Balance

Jacqui Sieve is an entrepreneur who recently hit the millions turnover mark. Transforming her beliefs about money has been one of the biggest game changers in her business (and in her bank account). Here’s her advice…

A belief is anything that you deem to be true about yourself and the world that you live in. When it comes to money, so many of us are taught to believe things like how hard money is to earn, or how bad it is to have lots of it, or how only certain kinds of people can have access to it. Which of those beliefs have you thought to be true, up until right now?

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Your beliefs underpin every action that you take, so they’ve got a huge impact on the kind of life you live and the kind of success you experience. For example, if you’re a bad-ass babe who wants to start her own business, but you’ve got a solid belief that says money is really hard to earn, you’ll be way less likely to take action to create your own empire. This is because you’re fearful about how ‘tough’ it’ll be to earn an income. Imagine if you believed that money was easy to earn… What kind of epic action might you take instead?

The top 5 shifts you need to make now…

BELIEF: Money is the root of all evil.
SHIFT: Money is not that bad – but what you do with it might be.

A surplus of money can bring about feelings of guilt and anxiety, because of the BS belief that money is bad. Newsflash: money isn’t alive! Money can’t make decisions. It can’t even think. Yet, we blame so many problems on it; instead of the people behind the problem.

For example, look at a knife in your kitchen right now. It can be used to cut up the most perfect avocado and spread it gleefully across your gluten-free toast. Or, it can be used to take a life. Money is exactly the same. It can be used for good – to help other people, to bring freedom, to create a life full of wonderful experiences for yourself and others – or it can be used to fuel a negative agenda.

BELIEF: You have to be a “certain kind of person” to be wealthy.
SHIFT: Money doesn’t judge.

When it comes to creating wealth in our lives, we can take one of two outlooks. The first is that only certain people can be wealthy – you have to be born into it, or you have to have 12 degrees, or you have to kiss your boss’s ass 24/7. But a perspective like that does nothing to help you. In reality, money doesn’t judge your background, your schooling, or your ‘worth’… Money comes to those who are brave enough to believe in themselves.

Here’s the thing: you can either blame your circumstances for your limitations, or you can choose to see your current circumstances as only part of your story. You get to decide how it ends.

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BELIEF: I can’t be a good/spiritual/conscious/religious person and be wealthy.
SHIFT: The wealthier I am, the more I can bless others.

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs my clients come to me with. We’ve been conditioned to believe that having excess money (beyond our own needs) is a bad thing – that it makes us greedy and ungodly.

Here’s my simple argument though… Can you help more people in need if you are broke and stressing out about paying your own bills, or, if you’re able to live your own life abundantly, with excess to help others?

BELIEF: Money isn’t important.
SHIFT: When I live in abundance, I am able to do, be and experience all that I desire.

Alright, let’s get one thing straight right now; money is important. Without it (or with just a bit of it), you might be able to ‘get by’… But is that the kind of existence you really want to live? Many of us bypass the action and alignment required to build wealth by using this excuse.

FYI: You don’t actually want money. No one truly desires piles of rands sitting in their bank account, doing nothing. What you really desire is what having that money will give you; the experience having that money brings. How happy would what’s on the other side of money make you? Like a dream holiday, the deposit for your first home, access to mentorship that’ll help you to grow your biz… That is what’s important. And that is what abundance gives you access to.

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BELIEF: If I avoid looking at my accounts, I don’t have to worry.
SHIFT: I take responsibility for my finances, and I enjoy it.

Avoiding your bank is like a BS get-out-of-jail-free card. It means you don’t have to take responsibility for your life, that you get to blame others or the world and that you get to live in a victim mentality.

Instead, allow yourself to become excited by what taking care of your finances means. Get excited about looking at your bank accounts, about doing sums, about your budgeting – because all of this means that you’re teaching yourself to love money, instead of fear it. This dissolves the resistance that normally exists, allowing you to consciously measure the gap between where you are and where you want to be and inspires you to do what it takes to get there – instead of playing dead.

Pro tip: Change the name of your accounts to help move you into excitement. ‘Tax’ becomes ‘excess abundance’, ‘bills’ becomes ‘grateful for’ and so on. Every good relationship starts with a solid foundation, including your relationship with money. Start choosing beliefs that serve you by becoming consciously aware of your thoughts, and notice how your emotions begin to change! Go forth and prosper.

Jacqui Sive is a global mindset coach, helping women around the world live and lead better lives.

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  1. Excellent advice! I had a friend once who told me I’m afraid of money, and that’s why it didn’t want to come my way. I’ve done a lot of work since then, and it works. Thank you. More work to be done!

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