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The COVID-19 pandemic is a jolt to every aspect of our existence — and that can be numbing. But now is a good time to take proactive steps to help you regain motivation in your personal and professional life.

Self-worth and Abundance Coach Tam Hayward shares inspiration on how we can experience better, brighter days, despite the uncertainty.

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“Remember that we are in this together. Remaining hopeful during this time is essential because although suffering is part of the human experience, suffering is not the only experience we will have. Better days are coming, that I can assure you,” says Tam.

Here are four ways to stay hopeful during the pandemic…

1/ Don’t expect things to change overnight

The truth is that things are not miraculously going to change overnight and our current lockdown reality is here to stay (realistically) for several months. Manage your expectations by establishing a ‘new normal’ that suits your circumstances, says Tam.

“If you’re working from home and have children, don’t expect to be the productive wonder woman you once were when working from the office. When you lower your expectations of yourself, you avoid setting yourself up for failure and disappointment,” she adds.

2/ Create your own certainty

“Our human nature requires a level of certainty in our life. Certainty is a human need. You can create more certainty in your own life by establishing boundaries and healthy routines,” says Tam.

She recommends the following:

1/ Try to plan a morning or evening walk (or both) to ensure you start and end your day off well.

2/ Spend 30 minutes each morning planning the tasks that are actually going to move the needle forward in your own life and work.

3/ Try to map out your day to accomplish one or two big tasks daily. The overwhelmed feeling and uncertainty kicks in when our to-do list becomes undoable. Remember that three or four hours of intentional, focused work is far more productive than eight hours of unproductive, unfocused, unintentional work. 

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3/ Take time out

This is vital to remain optimistic about your future. Often with massive global unrest and uncertainty, our lives are shaken up and we are forced to consider things we once put off thinking about.

Now is a good time to assess your life and where you’re at, says Tam. These moments of reflection can only take place during periods of ‘time out’. “Start a 10-minute meditation practice to sink into your feelings and reflect on whether or not you are actually leading the life you truly desire. It is only from this place that you can take the necessary action to change circumstances in your life,” she adds.

4/ Feel your feelings

Now is not the time to suppress, avoid and numb your emotional world. It’s totally normal to be experiencing a plethora of emotions. Some days you may feel enthusiastic and determined and other days you may feel disappointed, frustrated and defeated.

Emotions are the colourful threads that make up the tapestry of our lives. E-motion means energy in motion. It’s totally unrealistic to assume that every day will be a good day (whether living through a pandemic or not).

“Recognise that your emotions are a compass to your inner world. Do more of what makes you feel good and do less of the things that don’t make you feel good. The choice ultimately resides within you regarding what you will make of this strange time,” says Tam.

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