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During these trying times, businesses across the world have had to pivot – quickly – to suit an increasingly online world. Here, Jacqui Sive shares her top tips for entrepreneurial women who want to create a service-based business they can run from home – and have fun doing it!

A bit of background here first: I run a personal and business development company, helping thousands of people around the world to live the life of their dreams – in biz and beyond – through online coaching and courses. We’ve recently crossed the R5 million, and though it is an incredible milestone that I am extremely proud of, it was a long time in the making, and it certainly wasn’t always easy. If you’re an entrepreneurial woman ready to kick 2021’s business butt, here are my top tips to creating an online business that makes bank.

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Step 1: Get clear on your idea

What is something you feel passionate about? What is something you know you are an absolute genius in?! There are infinite ways to create money online, and there are no rules (well, to an extent), when it comes to what you can do. Some profitable ideas are becoming a VA (virtual assistant), a podcast producer (you really don’t need any fancy equipment!), a content creator (create stunning images for companies for a fee), copywriting (writing content for other businesses), a social media manager, and so on. Or – and obviously I’m all for this one, as it’s how I started out and what we help people with the most – you could turn your epic life experience into a coaching business, where you get to help others transform their lives for the better. (Look into online certification for this one. I recommend

Step 2: Get clear on your ideal client

This is where I’m about to get all non-traditional business advice on you. Most business coaches recommend getting massively clear on your ideal client, but I kinda disagree. In my 3.5 years of building a multiple six-figure business, I’ve never really had a niche. Instead, I’ve become super clear on the following:

– What kind of goals does my ideal client have, and what are her/his challenges in achieving them?

– How can my idea/service solve their problems?

This way, as long as I am being me in my marketing, addressing the problems that my community have, and linking that back to how my products/service can help them so solve those challenges… I’m winning. Here’s an example:

My community is filled with entrepreneurial women. They want to make six figures + in business, but they don’t know how – they lack the step-by-step understanding of the strategy, structure and mindset required to be in the game. So, one of my solutions is a 12-month mastermind that teaches them exactly how to do it all, in easy-to-follow live training, along with a support group that allows them to have personalised guidance. So, there are no two clients the same in there. That’s why I look at the above questions. Those are really the only things I’m concerned with when it comes to understanding an ideal client.

Step 3: Get clear on your price

Insiders tip: Always choose your price based on the results you can give your clients, or the value you add to their lives, rather than the time spent doing it. This is because if you charge based on your time, you’ll hit a wall pretty soon, as you’ve only got 24 hours in a day. Instead, create package-based prices that reflect what you help your clients receive or achieve, and not the time it takes to get them there. It’s impossible to scale your business that way!

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Step 4: Start growing a community

This is the part that everyone likes to skip, because it does take a while. But hey, you could always hire someone for this (outsourcing social media is an easy way to get your time back!). The truth is, social media perpetuates this idea that we can launch something today, and be raking in the moolah tomorrow. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. In fact, I built up my online community for a good three to six months (spending three to four hours a day doing it) before I launched any kind of offer. This is because in order for anyone to invest their hard-earned money with you, they’ve got to trust you.

In order for people to trust you, you have got to be showing up on social media and demonstrating value through your content. There are a tonne of great google-able strategies that will help you grow a community organically (no-one likes an IG bot, yo!), but the most important thing is that you build strong relationships with people who follow your business online. That means replying to DMs, replying to comments, taking time to create really valuable content that helps your ideal client whether they buy from you or not, and so on.

People really are the heart of any business, and solid relationships are the foundation of it all. Think about it this way… If you don’t have anyone who’s listening, who can you really sell to?

Step 5: Be bold, be consistent, and never give up

For real. This is the most important step. It took me 1.5 years to make my first six figures, then only six months to create my next. This is because I decided that I would start showing up on all of my platforms as the version of me already owning it. It didn’t matter than I only had, like, five people watching my IG stories – I showed up as if it were 500. With every setback I experienced, I bounced back even harder, because I knew what was at the end of the tunnel for me… And here I am. In fact, we’re only just getting started.

Stand true to your prices, knowing that you set them – and the right people will pay for the value they can see (that you show through your marketing). Make it a habit to show up daily for the community you have, teaching them bite-size tips and tricks to help with whatever you help with. This is how you build trust, showing your community you are safe to invest with.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t give up when your external circumstances aren’t yet reflecting your internal dreams. They’re on the way – they just need you to be consistent, brave and bold enough to truly go after them.

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