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Resonant Leadership And Emotional Intelligence

There are multiple ways to lead people. You can push or you can pull – but we can all agree that it’s about bringing out the best in each person. And while anyone can hold the title of “boss” or “team leader”, those who have the right traits also inspire those around them, motivating individuals to work optimally as a group… and win.

It’s called resonant leadership, and it’s an idea coined by Daniel Goleman – the ability to synchronise with and impact others, using emotional intelligence to guide the group to meet its goals. You’ll likely find it in all the Glow Getters out there – yup, we’re looking at you, optimistic go-getters. They’re the ones who seek the sparkle in life, who actively recognise the glow in their friends, peers and mentors.

They’re also the ambitious, passionate women featured in Bernini’s Squadcast, a podcast hosted by YFM’s Khutso Theledi. Think strong women like Cici Thwala, Letoya Makhene, Penny Lebyane, Melanie Bala, Thickleeyonce – who aren’t afraid to take a deep dive into subjects and issues that affect women everywhere. Beauty standards, career goals, walking away from dangerous situations… They guide you through the tough questions in a safe space.

Resonant leadership creates an environment of trust; it not only promotes positive relationships, but also drives productivity and boosts employee engagement. Here are three key qualities from that’ll help you develop resonance in your leadership style…

1/ Self-awareness

It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses, and that your motives for driving progress in the workplace have the right intentions. Self-aware leaders are honest about their limitations, but avoid being highly self-critical or overly optimistic. They know how they come across and aim to establish genuine relationships built on openness and trust.

2/ Authenticity

According to businessman and author Bill George, charisma, image and style have been “replaced by character, humility and service”. Perceptions of leadership have changed, and people no longer buy into the crafted image of omniscience. Employees connect with leaders who show their human side and aren’t afraid of showing that they have weaknesses as well as strengths.

3/ Empathy

Being able to emotionally connect with others is powerfully resonant, as doing so lets people know that you understand them and are concerned for their wellbeing.

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