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5 Motivational Reads That’ll Actually Change Your Life

We get it. It’s 2019 (almost 2020!), and there are a thousand different self-help reads: books to boost brainpower, tomes for your tummy and manuals for your total life makeover. As experts in the field, we know a thing or two about the ones that really help, so we’ve come up with four neat, new self-help reads that could really change your world. You’re welcome.

1. Manage Your Money Like A F*cking Grownup by Sam Beckbessinger

An amazing guide by an actual South African that absolutely everyone should read, especially if Life Orientation left you completely clueless about budgeting, car repayments and Black Tax. Plus, Beckbessinger’s straight-shooting funny approach is both practical and immediately helpful. Book out a day and get your sh*t together.

Available from Takealot

2. Be More Sloth by Alison Davies

I present to you, the perfect holiday read: compact enough to fit into your handbag, sturdy enough to endure squished bags and sandy beaches and light enough to consume between cocktail sips or impromptu swims. The book is a thesis on why sloths are the model of wellness: they represent slowness and all-around chill that conceal true intelligence and grit. Read it and sleep.

Available from Book Depository

3. Stop Staring At Screens by Tanya Goodin

A helpful guide that takes the digital detox to the family, with a special focus on how to avoid screaming at each other about watching TV/ scrolling Instagram at dinner/disregarding no-phone zones. The best part? Quizzes, so you can skip to the bit that applies specifically to you.

Available from Book Depository

4. Self-Helpless by Rebecca Davis

Journo Rebecca Davis decides to embark on a mission to find her sanity after quitting alcohol. What ensues: 12 months of alternative treatments, including hallucinogens, hypnosis and even exercise pills. A critical look at the burgeoning fashionableness of weird wellness, it’s snarky, clever and absolutely hilarious.

Available from Pan MacMillan

5. Bassie: My Journey of Hope by Basetsana Kumalo

Basetsana Kumalo was the first black Miss South Africa in 1994, who soon after became the face of our democracy. Her memoir Bassie, My Journey of Hope takes us through her journey as an ambitious media mogul, mother and wife. She openly shares stories of her experience with abuse, cyber bullying and legal battles she’s had to overcome.

Available from Exclusive Books
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