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Living in the age of information, digital marketing, social media and tech is changing the way we work and present ourselves. It’s easier than ever to create an online profile to promote yourself – whether working in a corporate environment, building a personal brand or running multiple business ventures. And that’s a good thing. Because self-promotion is a skillset that, when mastered, can be used to drive revenue, grow publicity and position yourself as a leader and expert in your field. So, how do we acquire this valuable skillset? Self-worth and Abundance Coach Tam Hayward explains…

1/ Know yourself

Self-promotion and authentic self-love require a deep understanding of oneself. To know yourself means you have self-awareness, a clear understanding of what drives you, your non-negotiables, how you’d like to run your business, who your ideal client is and how best to share your gifts with the world.

It’s not enough to “fake it till you make it”, says Tam. When running a business, your clients want to know that you’re the best person to get the job done. “Authentic self-promotion is not about manipulation, making a quick buck, unbalanced exchange or false advertising,” she says. “Authentic self-promotion and self-expression go hand in hand; [it’s about] presenting yourself in an honest way so that your customers know at all times where they stand with you, and what they can expect when working with you.”

It’s also important to be yourself both inside and outside your work environment, adds Tam, so that your customers get a feel for your personality and can trust that there is alignment between who you are at work and who you are at home.

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2/ Authentic self-expression makes you magnetic

“When you know who you are and can authentically express your values, value, desires, strengths and the vision you hold for your life, you become a magnet to the people, situations and places where who you are as an individual is not only appreciated but required,” says Tam.

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt drawn to someone? That feeling of instant connection to a person is a magnetic response where synergy and like-mindedness are the kindling to a flame. 

Human connection is an essential need, explains Tam. “The more grounded and authentic you can be when showing up in your daily life, the more people will be drawn to you. There is nothing more attractive than a confident, aligned and passionate individual who loves what they do,” she says.

3/ Self-promotion can be used as a tasteful tool for networking

Building healthy and honest relationships is essential to your career success. We know, self-promotion can sometimes feel awkward, arrogant and indulgent. But when you tastefully share your skills, experience and expertise, and focus on providing value in your relationships, self-promotion is the most natural way to present yourself in the highest regard without coming across as desperate and forceful.

“Building a network requires time, effort, honesty and authenticity,” says Tam. “When you are able to take a long-term view on your career and prioritise building long-lasting relationships with others, in time you will be top of mind in your network for the problems that only you know how to solve.”

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4/ Authentic self-promotion is an act of self-love

Self-love is not bubble baths, hot chocolate and full body massages. Many people equate self-love with the “easy” and “feel good” acts of self-care, but self-love is often doing the things that are not yet habitual but worthwhile. “What if I told you that the kindest, most loving act of self-love that you could give yourself was to promote yourself authentically in a way that showcases self-regard and self-respect?” says Tam. When you value who you are, you communicate a strong message to the world around you about how you treat yourself, how you treat others and how you would like to be treated.

“The working world is rife with unrealistic expectations, lack of boundaries, poor communication and unhealthy power dynamics. Don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘bending over backwards’ and constantly meeting unrealistic demands is the path to success. It’s far more sustainable to practice setting healthy boundaries within your working environment to communicate a strong sense of self,” says Tam.

When expressing and promoting yourself online or in person, tastefully share how you manage expectations, deal with conflict, set boundaries and deal with demanding people. Being open and upfront from the get-go with everyone you interact with gives others an understanding of where they stand with you and how to communicate with you.

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