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Got great side hustle ideas, but not quite sure how to turn them into reality? Although kick-starting a side hustle may seem like a full-time job, it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a little planning (help with that below).

TBH, we’re living in an era where one income often isn’t enough anymore, so for many of us, hopping onto the dual-income train is a necessity. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1/ Register your company

In South Africa, you can register your business with the Central Supplier Database (CSD) for the South African government. The CSD reserves your company’s name and registers the business for you. All you will need is a registration fee, your ID number and your company’s name. Registration on CSD is free and company registration starts from R175.

2/ Create social media pages

Have a social media presence to help get your brand out there. Social media is particularly helpful when you don’t yet have a website, because it acts as your point of contact when you can’t engage with potential customers face-to-face.

How to use social media to market your side hustle ideas:

  • Create engaging content where your followers can tag a friend, comment, rate or vote on something.
  • Keep things short and simple on Twitter and it can become a great platform to engage with followers.
  • Social media platforms are visual, so use great quality images.
  • Direct your social media posts to your website (if you have one). Try: “For more info, follow the link.”

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3/ Make room for advertising

When you’re getting started, social media, friends and fam will be your advertising. If your budget for paid advertising is low, offer your products/service to influential people at a discounted rate. Influencer marketing means they spread the word to their wider audience, making more people aware of your service. Alternatively, pay for your posts on social media to reach a bigger audience.

4/ Create professional invoices

A quote explains what a client will be paying for and what is and isn’t included. Invoices, on the other hand, help you keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. If your prices don’t change, invest in a well-designed page that includes your logo, contact details, social media pages, price list, payment details, lead times – basically everything people normally ask for. Not only is it neat, it saves you having to type out your price list every time.

5/ Design a logo

A logo not only makes your business seem reputable, but the more an audience sees and recognises it, the more top-of-mind your brand will be. Logo’s are easy to design – simply download a free template online and play around. Now… Go Hustle!

Photo by Ike louie Natividad/Pexels

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