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How To Use Social Media To Market Your Brand Like A Pro

Utilising social media is critical in building a personal brand. But first, you must have a good sense of what your brand is, and who you’d like to promote it to.

Who better to give us some solid advice than local media personality Liezel van der Westhuizen? Liesel hosts “Marketing Monday” seminars at 12pm on her Facebook and Instagram LIVE (@LiezelOnline) each Monday, sharing her ideas and experience and interviewing some of the most interesting and educational people in our country.

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Here, Liezel shares golden marketing tips on how you can use social media effectively to market your company or personal brand like a “pro”.

1/ Make your online engagement more about the “precision impact

You don’t have to follow every online trend or fun challenge to be relevant. “When you understand your brand or company’s unique voice, as well as your market, develop emotionally intelligent tactics that positively impact your particular audience and customers memorably, rather than throwing your efforts wide and wild, and hoping for the best,” says Liezel. There is quality and value to more targeted engagement.

2/ Solve a problem for the consumer

Your marketing should always be framed in such a way that it solves a problem a consumer sometimes doesn’t even know they have. Ever wondered why Apple has done so well with getting and retaining customers? They frame their product development and marketing around the human experience – finding compact but impactful solutions (conveniences) to everyday basic needs, wants and problems. Be the solution they never even knew they needed!

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3/ Reassure customers about their data security – it’s vital!

In this fast-paced, ever-evolving digital world, reinforcing security across platforms has become imperative. Some customers will make it to the very last stage of the shopping experience you provide online, then remove themselves from the whole process when they don’t trust the payment procedure. “Don’t make it just look safe ([by] adhering to consent and privacy regulations too)… Put systems in place that genuinely make your platforms safe for the consumer – whether they’re buying or just looking,” says Liezel.

4/ Experiment with multimedia as a way to showcase your talents

Depending on your marketing needs, think about experimenting with multimedia across social media platforms. “LIVE experiences would showcase your best work most entertainingly (imagine an auto repair company doing a live Formula 1-style tyre-changing challenge in under 1min on Instagram),” she says. Have fun brainstorming and executing a marketing strategy, incorporating multimedia that appeals to your audience segment.

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5/ Update your business’s contact details

It’s a business ‘best practice’ to update your contact details. It speaks to your professionalism to keep these details as current as possible online. You can’t have outdated details on your websites, social media, or even the business cards we used to exchange. “I’ve noticed a staggering number of businesses, who – during this global pandemic – don’t have websites, nor do they even update their contact information or their social media pages,” says Liezel.

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